Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Changes to Eat More Naturally: Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer

 Coffee is my favorite thing to drink. I enjoy it morning, noon and night. I have brand preferences and types of coffee I enjoy at what time of the day. Its my indulgence and it keeps me happy! For many years I have been a label reader. I check ingredients to make sure certain items are not in my food, including HFCS and other artificial flavors or colors. It can be tough at times on a budget and with availability in the stores I shop at. If you take a little extra time to look for Natural and Organic products you will find them almost anywhere. I shop at Walmart a lot. I have found they carry many food products and even household brands that are natural.

For the last 5 years or so my husband and I have been drinking an organic Coffee Creamer for our morning cup of coffee. We both felt that something we drink all the time should be one of the products we make sure contains natural ingredients. We searched for a coffee creamer that contained only natural ingredients and found that they have no real flavor to add to the coffee. I love a sweet cup of coffee and with our regular creamer it made the coffee light but required too much sugar to make it sweet. Plus it did not have the flavors I wanted in my coffee. 

As soon as I heard about the Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss I knew I had to try it. It comes in 3 flavors, Vanilla, Sweet Cream and Caramel. The awesome thing about Natural Bliss is that in contains only 4 ingredients of Milk, Cream, Sugar and Natural Flavors. Nothing artificial, no HFCS, no man made chemicals to sweeten it, just pure simple sweetness. 

If you are looking for a first step or more ways to pick more natural and healthier foods in your diet starting with your morning cup of coffee is a perfect choice. When you start the day more natural it will help you think about other food choice you make. Maybe swap a regular cookie for a all natural brand or a regular potato chip for all natural popcorn brand. Small steps like that can make a difference in the way you think about food. I know we cant all make sure everything we eat is all natural but we can buy certain items like All Natural Coffee Creamer to make simple changes. With Walmart prices on Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer we can afford it too! #NaturalBlissWM

You can find Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss near the other coffee creamers.
I found 2 of the 3 flavors. I will keep my eye out for the Caramel one.

Right now is a great time to try Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss since you can get a $1 off two Coupon to redeem at your local Walmart.

My son being silly in the Dairy section of Walmart. .

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Rachel {} said...

We love the sweet cream!!! So good!!!

Unknown said...

Girl, I'm with you - I drink coffee all day long as well!

Mimi N said...

I've been drinking my coffee with the "other" creamers and I have the same thought as you. If I'm drinking so much of the stuff, it should really be a lot healthier! Glad the Natural Bliss only has 4 ingredients!

Living in La La Land said...

Oh how I wish I could have tried the Sweet Cream:( I am loving the caramel though. I hope they get the Sweet Cream in soon!


You're so right, how you start your day will be an indication of what you will do with the rest of your day. Great tips!

Shasta said...

I agree 100% about starting your day off right! When I make good choices first thing, I am much more likely to keep it going all day long!

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