Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Cookbooks I Want to Cook From

 I won a these 3 Cookbooks from Sasquatch books on Facebook. I was so excited to win since I want to try to make at least one new dish a week. I want to find some new go to recipes that I can add to my food rotation. We seem to be in a rut and I want new. They are great books, exactly what  I was looking for. One is about fish, which I love, the other is a Farm to Table cookbook, I love farming and support buying local grown produce and the last Rabbit Food looks like a good one too. I cannot wait until our kitchen is done being remodeled and I can get to cooking!

I told myself that I would cook the first page I turned to in one of the books. I grabbed the Rabbit Food one since my son has been talking about Bunnies all day from a book we read. The first thing I turned to was Potato Leek Soup. It sounds delicious. I have not made a soup from scratch and I look forward to it. I will post an update on how it goes when I make the dish.

What new cookbook you have gotten recently?

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