Friday, May 18, 2012

Easing My Back Pain With Help From Tempurpedic

A few years ago I found myself suffering from terrible lower-back pain. The pain came on suddenly and I couldn't find a way to lessen it.

Thank goodness I finally found some relief in easing my back pain with the help of a Tempurpedic pillow.
Millions of people a year suffer from intense, often debilitating back pain. To say that it changes your whole life is not an exaggeration. My daily routine of being a wife and mother was interrupted by constant pain.

Getting in my car to drive, bending over to pick something up, or just sitting on the couch became a constant, painful struggle. I had heard about how agonizing back pain could be, but it is impossible to understand it until it happens to you.

I went to my doctor but he couldn't find any explanation for my pain and recommended pain relieving drugs and heat therapy. I only took over the counter medicine and used a heating pad, which did not help. My pain continued on for about six weeks.

I had been doing yoga and walking around my neighborhood before my back pain started, but that was impossible now. I only moved as little as possible to avoid experiencing pain. Finally one of my daughters told me that she had read that walking was the best cure for the pain. Slowly I started a little walking each day, and began feeling a little better.

I went to a family member's house to visit for a few days and told her about my back pain. She has experienced back pain before too, and gave me her Tempurpedic pillow to sleep on. Sleeping on this pillow for a few nights made all the difference. Each morning I woke up pain free. The pillow conforms to every contour of your head and neck. This allows your neck and shoulder muscles  to completely relax and help relieve the pain.

I had been tensing up these muscles during the day, contributing to the pain, but at night when I slept on the Tempurpedic pillow, they were allowed to relax. Using the pillow, walking, and slowing starting my yoga practice again all contributed to my back pain finally going away.

I haven't had a recurrence of back pain, thankfully. But if I ever do, at the first sign I will go right out and buy myself a Tempurpedic pillow. Or better yet, I think I'll start looking for one now so that I can keep my back feeling good.

*This post brought to you by Healthy Back

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