Friday, May 18, 2012

Monkey Love & Kohl's Cares

He has taken this monkey everywhere this week! Showed it off in line at the Redbox too lol

 Earlier in the week we went to Kohl's to shop for sunglasses. I could not find any I liked for my Mother's Day gift so I thought I would take a peek at the after Mother's Day sales. I found a super cute pair for $11! I had a $10 gift card so I only paid less than $2 after taxes.

While we were in line my son spotted a monkey stuffed animal on the Kohl's Cares $5 items display. He grabbed one and said "awwww monkey" and gave him a kiss. Oh it melted my heart! He has been talking about Monkeys since I bought him a pair of Curious George flip flops (only $1 for those!) His first and most adored pillow pet is a monkey and when he was a few months old I bought him a Monkey Halloween costume just to see how cute he would look in it. So we have a bit of Monkey Love around here. My older brother had tons of stuffed animal monkeys when he was a kid. I can remember two of them very clearly. One looked creepy real lol and the other was a baby one that could take a binkie. It must be a family trait to adore stuffed monkeys!

Normally I try not to buy something my son grabs off a shelf, if I did that we would own the whole store lol. But the sweetness in his eyes and the tender way he patted the monkey on the head and hugged him made me think this is the monkey he needs! We have been having house repairs done and its been hectic, he is not on his normal routine and he has been cranky. Knowing that the $5 we are going to pay for the stuffed animals goes to the Kohls Cares program to help kids in need made me feel awesome to buy it not only for my son but to help another child in the world.

When we left the store my son was smiling sooooo big! It was so beyond worth $5 to see that kind of a smile after the frustration he has been having this week with the construction at home.

Two little monkeys sitting on the couch.......


Anonymous said...

Great photo. I love the monkey. So Cute! See also family tree charts and search on professionally designed family tree charts.

JennBurk84 said...

My daughter has this same monkey, we bought it 2 years ago right after she was born. Since she started daycare last year, this little monkey has been her "comfort". She loves "Dunkey" and doesn't go anywhere without him. I never realized how big a part of her young life he would become or else I would have bought a couple of them. He is becoming a little ratty, and I am searching high and low for another one to replace him when he falls apart. Any ideas? I looked on ebay and people there are wanting 25-35 dollars for this monkey I spent 5 on!!

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