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Elmer's Holiday DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decor #GlueNGlitter #CBias

All the items I purchased for my project.

This Holiday Season I told myself I wanted to be more crafty. There is something special about hand made Christmas items that you can remember the good time you had while making them. A few years ago my Mom sent me an ornament that I made when I was in Kindergarten. I love the ornament. Its one that I cherish. This year I wanted to make one like it for my son. I went to Walmart to shop for Elmer's CraftBond and X-ACTO products to create DIY Holiday decor for my tree. My plan was to make an ornament like the one I made as a kid and a few other ones that I could put on the lower half of my tree. (My tree is somewhat bare on the bottom since my son has pulled them all off and broken a few!)

My inspiration item that I made as a kid.
The Elmer's CraftBond and X-ACTO aisle in Walmart

For my #ElmersHoliday project DIY Ornaments I purchased:

Additional items:
Felt Sheets Multiple colors
Fuzzy Sticks
Wiggly Eyes
Red Ribbon
Plain Glass Ornament Bulbs

My first item to make is the Look A Like Reindeer Ornament. First I used the ribbon spool as a template for a circle for my ornament. I did the same with the Red Felt sheet and Black Felt sheet. I used the Elmer's CraftBond Glue Pen to glue the felt to the foam board.Then I used the Foam Mounting tape to set the brown felt to make the reindeer face. I used the Foam Mounting tape so the reindeer face would be 3-D like and have room behind it for the antlers. Next I cut the Fuzzy Stick to make the antlers, added the wiggly eyes, balled up some red felt for a nose and made a small reindeer smile with a tiny black felt triangle. After I let the face part dry with the Glue Pen I then glued red ribbon around the ornament to cover the edges and create a loop to hang the ornament with.

The next craft we created using the Elmer's and X-ACTO Products was a few simple but sweet ornaments for the lower half of our tree. Since my son loves to take the ornaments off and on like he is decorating I wanted to make cute but light weight and non breakable ones. The first one I made was a cute handprint ornament of my son's hand. I could not decide on what shade of green to use and after the first try I did not like either of them. Since it was water based paint and the Foam Board has a slightly wipe-able surface I was able to use a damp paper towel to redo my son handprint in red. Next we made a few simple Greeting Card ornaments using the X-ACTO Decorative Edge Scissors. I cut the edges of greeting cards that we have used over the years and had extras of. After beautifying the edges I then used a piece of fuzzy stick as the hanger part of the ornament. A simple way to add some charm and color to our tree.

Next I wanted to make a door hanger for the front door that we could put outside for Santa. We do not have a chimney so I wanted to make a Santa sign for the front door. So that way Santa would know to stop at our house too! This one I made when my son was taking a nap and the look on his face when he woke up and saw it was priceless. He yelled Oh Wow Mama! It was beyond sweet. Glad he appreciates my crafty skills. I used the Foam Board then glued white felt to the front and then another Christmas card I had onto the felt. Then I wrapped some of the red ribbon around the edges using the double stick tape that way I could easily place the back felt on top of the ribbon and ribbon loop keeping it all together. I used the Corner Round Punch on the edges of the card even after it had been glued on. (My plan was to do it before hand but I forgot!) Thankfully I was able to round the edges of the card, it gave it the extra touch it needed. I cannot wait to round the corners on all the holiday cards I will be mailing. To me things just look fancier with round edges.

I used the Double Side Tape for the top card so it would be easy to press onto the felt.

On Christmas Eve I will hang this on the front door so Santa will know to stop at our house :)
The final DIY #ElmersHoliday Project I made was a Christmas Tree Bulb Ornament. I was also planning to make some hand print snowman on a bulb using my son's handprint but after the first handprint item I made he was not letting me put paint on his hand again. He said No Way so I had to not make that one this time. Hopefully in a few days he will let me. Hes 2 and very opinionated lol. For the Bulb Ornament I wanted to make it look like a mini round tree. First I cut out some brown felt to make a tree trunk and used the Foam Mounting tape to fix the stump onto the bottom of the bulb. Next I used the red felt to make a tree skirt for my ornament and white craft paper cut with the Decorative Edge Scallop scissors to make it look lacy like. I used the Double Sided tape to put the tree skirt on the bulb and the lace like paper onto the skirt. I love how versatile and sticky the double side tape is! I added a fuzzy stick piece to the top and then hung it on the tree. I think its super cute! 

My husband said something about a green fat Santa when I showed him this but my son said Christmas Tree so I am thinking it looks awesome!

After I was done making my DIY Christmas Ornaments and Decor #ElmersHoliday #GlueNGlitter Craft Project I was happy with my creations and my son was excited there was stuff on the tree he could mess with. We hung the ornaments and to his delight I let him help hang one too. I had a fun time creating crafts and making memories! 

You can find more great Crafting Ideas from Elmer's and X-ACTO on the website and social media pages.

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Unknown said...

How fun! I love projects that get the kids involved!

Amy @ The Mom Hood said...

We make ornaments every year, and it's so much fun to dig them out every year and look at the ones from when she was so small. Sniff. They grow up too fast!

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