Sunday, December 18, 2011

Martha Stewart Dog Products at PetSmart Review Holiday Gift Guide

I have had dogs all my life. We have had shelter dogs and store bought dogs, they dont seem to do the store bought ones like they used to. But places like PetSmart can help you find a dog to adopt. Since my son has been born we seem to buy Dog Toys more often for special occasions like Christmas rather than all the time.

This year we were able to review the new line of Martha Stewart Pets products from PetSmart. I am a huge fan of Martha and I was excited to see what types of products were offered. We were sent a PetHoliday Holiday Bow Dog Collar and ToyShoppe Sock Monkey Ring.

The Sock Monkey Ring is really cute. My son did not want to give it to the dog. When the dog had it and put it in her mouth my son screamed OH NO! He thought the dog was hurting the little monkey. The dog dropped it and ran off. It was some what confusing for the dog and my son. We do not buy the dog soft toys that look like stuffed animals since we did not want the dog to try to eat our sons toys and did not want our son sticking dog toys in his mouth too. I ended up tossing the toy in the wash and now my son has it lol. The funny thing is its a really cute toy that kids and dogs will love.

The Holiday Bow Collar we were sent is wonderful. Its festive and very well made. My lab is a sturdy dog that is a puller when she wears a collar and leash. She seemed to mellow out a bit with the collar on. I think it was the bow, she thought maybe she should be more lady like lol.The collar is lined on the outside with a soft velor like material making it look very fancy.

You can learn more about the Martha Stewart line at PetSmart on Facebook and Twitter pages.

*I was not paid or compensated for this post. The opinions in this post are 100% mine. I was provided the products pictured to review for this post by the Company / PR Company.

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