Saturday, December 17, 2011

You too can be the Queen Of Fudge!

Every year for the past 25 years or so, there is one thing that my family could count on at Christmas time. It didn't matter what was going on in our lives, be it unpleasant relatives, a bad economy, or a dear grandmother who had passed away. If Christmas is coming, I am making fudge. Lots and lots of fudge. My favorite is chocolate with walnuts. But I have some picky people here in this family, and they really don't hesitate to ask for their favorites.

I have made maple fudge, white chocolate with red cherries, white chocolate with green cherries, peppermint fudge, and plain chocolate with no nuts. I am happy to make fudge for everyone, not just because they are my family and I love them, but because they think I am am totally brilliant and fabulous because I make the best fudge ever. I do make a huge production of it, stirring away, and no one would dare bother me while I am busy making this magic. But the truth is, it is really very easy to make fudge. Years ago, I watched a relative make fudge and it was a lot of hard work that produced something that was hard as a brick and tasted like one too. I vowed then and there that I would never bother with making fudge again. But then I found the answer to making the softest, creamiest, yummiest fudge on the planet. It is the recipe on the back of the jar of Kraft Marshmallow Creme.

It is a very simple, no fail, anybody can do this kind of recipe. The only thing you absolutely must do is stir it for the entire four minutes that it is on the stove, so that it cooks and doesn't burn. You must also assemble all the ingredients in one place so that you can add them quickly. It really is easy. Fudge makes a very pretty and delicious gift for almost anyone. Teachers, neighbors, co-workers, they will love it. Just try it. It really is easy. And you too may someday hold the title of Queen Of Fudge.


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