Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Lights

I love to go look at neighborhoods with tons of Holiday lights on the houses. It makes me smile and looks really cool. I have awesome memories as a kid of driving to Pasadena CA to see the "House of a Thousand Lights" but then I wonder was it a Thousand or Ten Thousand, as a kid it felt like ten thousand! I am sure it was a thousand since back then the lights were not as fancy as they are now and must have cost a bundle to run. The neighborhood would be filled with cars parked as people got out to walk around the house. It was beautiful to see, it was all white lights that made the house glow as if it was magical. All around that house was other homes decorated with lights and huge trees decorated like Christmas trees. I love that feeling of remembering how in awe I felt and how happy it made me feel.

Now as a Mom I try to find that type of Holiday fun for my son. With the price of gas we can't go very far to see some of the cool houses they show on the news but our neighborhood has a few nice ones. I have seen some icicles that are hung around the roof and have changing color lights that make it look like the icicle is dripping. There are some cute reindeer and Santa sleigh set ups but I have yet to see a house covered in white lights. I told my husband that next year I want to be that "House with a Thousand Lights" that brings Christmas joy to people. We could hand out Hot Coco and Candy Canes. He looked at me and said whos gonna hang those, pay the extra light bill, and you might need insurance and a business license to hand out hot beverages and hard candy.  LOL Oh yeah there is all that to consider........


Nana said...

Laura, it was the house of ten thousand lights! You have a very good memory of so many things from childhood. Do you also remember that street in San Marino where the trees were very, very tall and every one was decorated? We walked down that street and it was always so beautiful.

L Howard said...

Yes Mom I do remember that street with the huge trees I want to go back there one day. I thought it might be 10,000 lights! Thats a lot of lights. Christmas time was always so awesome at our house. I want that for LW.

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