Friday, December 23, 2011

What we all want that Santa can't bring us

I know it's really getting down to the wire for most of us. Christmas is just a couple of days away. Have we gotten all the gifts, made all the cookies and fudge, cleaned the house and did the other hundred things on our list? It can all seem like such a burden, right? But here's the truth. If you are lucky enough to have a warm place to live, plenty to eat, and people you love and who love you, what more can we really ask for? We can walk down streets in any city in America and see people who are in the most desperate situations imaginable. Where is someone to love them? Where is their mother or sister or brother to help them? Do you have an elderly neighbor who is alone at the holidays? Do you know a divorced single mother who is struggling to buy Christmas presents for her kids?

All of these people in all of these situations exist right in front of us. And the truth is, sometimes it's easy to look away, because we don't want to acknowledge what we really see. I know we can't change the world with simple acts of kindness, but we can change someone's world with one act of kindness. One kind, helping act can make all the difference to someone out there who is desperate in someway.

Do you know of such a person? If you do, then give! Give a few dollars, give kind words, give an invitation to Christmas dinner, give a helping hand. You will be doing something wonderful for that person and yourself. It feels good to give, it feels good to share and bring happiness to others. What Santa can't bring to all of us is love and kindness and concern for those who are less fortunate than we are. But we don't need Santa for that because we already have it right inside of us. We just need to bring it out and share it.

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