Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover Review

I have tried my hardest not to be a germ a phobe. My husband tells me all the time now to not freak out so much. Before my son was born I was way worse than I am now. I try to go with the flow a bit more. I did not buy a cart cover when my son was first born since I thought there is no way I would ever put him in one of those carts. My plan was to keep him in his stroller while I shop. Well motherhood has taught me that what I thought before I was a Mom is nothing of what the reality of being a mom is!! My son hates being in the stroller in a store. Outside or at the park he loves it but in the store he wanted to sit in the cart. The first time I let him was when it was pouring down rain and there was no way I would be able to get him in his stroller without him getting soaked.

I was a bit worried since the first thing he did was bite the cart handle that I am sure hundreds of people had touched. Well I did not let it bug me I figured and my husband pointed out, my mom raised 5 kids without a cart cover and we were fine! But after about two months of cart riding he did lick the handle and within an hour of returning home he was sick! I blamed the cart, I am sure it could have been something else and a cold here and there is good for his immune system. I still wanted a cart cover for the times when I think he needs one and for if he is sick he wont spread his germs all over the cart. I did not want a regular cart cover. Some of them seem very big and not as cute as I wanted. I found the Bright Starts Convertible Cart Cover and it is perfect for what I wanted. It is colorful and functions as a mini play mat too.

The Bright Starts cart cover also works for most restaurant high chairs. I like this function since my little boy has the tendency to wipe his hands all over any high chair I put him in. The cover made it easier to just pick up the cover toss it into a bag and wash it when we got home. It held up great in the wash and its easy to roll up and toss into the backseat of the car. When I rolled it out as a mat he jumped on it and started doing sit ups. He cracks me up with his workouts! You can buy this cute cart cover at Target, Toys R Us and Walmart for $19.99.

You can be a fan of Bright Starts on facebook. They are having a facebook contest to win the InGenuity Collection.

** I was not paid or compensated for this post. The opinions in this post are 100% mine and may vary from other opinions. I was provided for free the item in this post for review purposes.

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