Friday, April 15, 2011

Tumbleweed Tantrum

The first time I saw my son do what I now call the "Tumbleweed Tantrum" I laughed. I was really shocked he could get so upset over anything to just flop onto the floor and lay all the way out and roll over from his tummy to back over and over. He has been doing this for about a week and I am worried he may get hurt if he does this in public. I know its normal kids throw fits but oh my he rolls around like a wild tumbleweed! I have done the just ignore it, the talk to him to see what he is upset about and the pick him up and comfort him. Well he is just as mad and at times even more mad if I address him and what has made him mad. It seems it just he is either tired or hungry and something minor has made him ticked! So for now I will offer him his giraffe ( his best friend!) or his juice and he seems to mellow out. It just shocking to now see my sweet little Bubba get so mad he tumbles around about it. My husband wants to capture it on film so we can remember one day the CUTE way he used to get mad, as I am sure it won't be as cute when hes big lol. All these emotions in someone so small is amazing to see.
What funny things has your little one done when they get mad?

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