Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes the box is as good as the item inside

My son loves it when the mail man, UPS or FedEx guys comes to our house. He claps his little hands when he sees a box. He doesn't want what is inside he wants to hold the box, stand on it, or smash it. Its so cute! My sister and nephew have used the term "special delivery" for when we get stuff to review. We now call it that in our house. I was in the office the other day and my husband yelled to me "Special Delivery" I came out of the room and my little guy was holding the UPS box waiting for me to let him destroy it! He loves the boxes that are big enough to climb into. Its such a cute phases when they just want the box, I will savor until the time when he is big enough to tell me he wants an XBOX!! lol

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