Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#ad Be a Hunger Hero with Tyson Chicken and Sam's Club #HungerHeroes #Cbias

Stopping childhood hunger is an issue I am strongly behind. In our country with such abundance there should never be children that do not have enough food to eat. We donate food all year long to donation drop offs and a local transitional housing program for families. We take the time to do so and would hope if we were ever in need others would do the same.

We recently learned about how Tyson Chicken and Sam's Club has teamed up with Champions for Kids to make donating a meal as easy as buying a product we already purchase through the Be a Hunger Hero project. We attended a Tyson Chicken Nuggets demo at Sam's Club to learn more about the Buy a Bag Give a Meal project. The sample station guy was very informative telling us about the coloring pages and how if we had the kids color them and upload them to the Club Tyson Facebook page a meal would be donated.

While at Sam's Club we found the Tyson Hunger Heroes demo that we learned about on the Tyson Hunger Relief website. Tyson Chicken will donate a meal (4 oz of meat) for each bag of 5 lb. Tyson Chicken Nuggets purchased at Sam's Club from now until Aug. 31, 2013. Online we read about the Hunger Heroes project and found where and what time Sam's Club near us would be holding the demo event. The next Hunger Heroes demos will be on Aug. 29, 30 and 31 from 11-2 at a Sam's Club near you.

When I told my son we were going to be Hunger Heroes at Sam's Club he wanted to wear his super hero cape to the store. He sampled many of the Chicken Nuggets, I told him he already likes them but he insisted he needed to have just one more to try. He was excited that we were going to have coloring pages to share with his friends to color. I enjoy opportunities like this to share with my son about donating to others. Something fun like being a Hunger Hero is a perfect way to share with him that we are giving food to kids in need by buying Chicken Nuggets. He a little guy but he does understand what donating means.

Here is a short clip about the Tyson Chicken Hunger Heroes project:


After talking to the demo guy at Sam's Club and getting the other items we needed for a fun dinner at the pool we headed home to cook our nuggets. I planned to take dinner down to our local pool for my son and his friends to eat. I wanted to share with the kids and parents about the Tyson Buy a Bag Give a Meal project.

My son wanted to continue to be a Hunger Hero at the pool so he wore a tshirt that had Elmo as a super hero and a yellow cape on it. His cape was a great conversation starter about the Hunger Heroes project. Many people already buy Tyson Chicken nuggets and I wanted to inform them that if they buy it at Sam;s Club before Aug. 31, 2013 a meal ( 4 oz. of meat) would be donated to kids in need.

I told all the kids about the Hunger Heroes and how if we colored some of the pages and I uploaded them that a meal would be donated from Tyson Chicken to kids in need. The kids were happy to color the pages once they knew that kids in need would be helped. They all did a great job on the coloring. I wish I had more pages for the other kids that wanted to color when they learned why we were doing it. I love how kids when informed are willing to help out.

We had a wonderful time at the pool being Hunger Heroes while we shared food and fun with our friends. I even over heard one of the kids tell my son not to waste his dinner since some kids do not have enough food to eat. It was so sweet to hear that they really do listen and care. I hope that your family will attend a Sam's Club demo to buy a bag of Tyson Chicken and help donate a meal through Champions for Kids. Anyone can be a Hunger Hero!

You can learn more about Tyson Chicken on Facebook and Twitter. See my shopping trip to Sam's Club in my Google+ story and how my little guy wearing his cape helped others to learn about being a Hunger Hero.



Mommy Hates Cooking said...

What a great way to get the kids involved in giving back too!

Rambles of a SAHM said...

Oh fun! We got this sample on Sunday at Sams. Also, you look so gorgeous. Great outfit.

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