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Heart Healthy Recipe for Summer Tailgating with Save Mart Supermarket #FreshFinds

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My son thinks race cars are cool. He loves the Cars movies and the first time he saw a race on tv he yelled "Wow Mom thats so cool!" We have had friends tell us about the races in Sonoma but we have yet to attend one, perhaps when our son is a little older so he can actually stay in his seat we will attend a race. For now we are happy to have a home tailgating party and watch races on tv. 

We headed to Save Mart Supermarket to buy food for our Race Party for the Save Mart Toyota 350 race. We are planning a heart healthy meal to health promote the cause of Nascar driver Jeff Burton who is raising money to help fight heart disease. At times tailgating and home tailgating can turn into a bunch of junk food and goodies but we are planning something delicious and good for you.

I made my menu list based on items that are heart healthy and on sale at Save Mart. I plan to serve one of my husbands favorite drinks I make, Wine Fruit Punch. It is like a Sangria without the traditional brandy in it. To contrast the sweetness of my drink I am serving Chicken Tacos, Sauteed Veggie Skewers and Cheese & Olive Bread Rounds with Guacamole. 

  I am planning to serve food that is hand held and easy to eat while watching the races. I like to serve food with skewers and toothpicks. Its fun to eat and less messy! I am making potatoes sauteed in olive oil with red onions and red bell peppers. My mom has made sauteed potatoes for many years. I love them so much I make them all the time. So much healthier than a deep fried potatoes.

I love cooking with my family. We get to bond while we make a meal. My son was having a hard time not eating things while we waited for friends to arrive.

Simple to make! These were a huge hit with our friends that came over for dinner. 

I want an appetizer that is not cooked. On a hot day like this one at 108 degrees we need something cold and light. Many times at a party we put out bowls of chips or other salty snacks. For the summer we like more of a lighter and healthier snack. In the intense heat with salty junk food can make you feel even more drained, not a fun way to have a party. I made my appetizer with bread rounds, cheese, guacamole and olives. My son really liked these, I was surprised since he can be a picky eater. 

For the main course I made chicken tacos with cilantro, red onion and cherry tomatoes. These were one of the best tacos I have made. I made them with boneless chicken breast. I left the skin on to cook topped with taco seasoning but then took of the skin before I cut the chicken to serve it in the tacos. It was a perfect flavor! 

This is a great way to serve a drink for grown ups that is not heavy like a beer. Typical tailgating usually involves beer but for us we like to have a sweet and refreshing wine punch. I make mine with different fresh fruits and juices to change the flavors. I selected strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi and oranges with Mango Lemonade & Sierra Mist Natural for this party. I made the kids a non alcoholic version using blueberry lemonade.

Sweet, fresh and so tasty! 

We had a fun time at our Save Mart Race party! We enjoyed good food as we watched some older races on tv. I am excited that Danica Patrick will be racing this year. After the day cooled off from the 108 degree weather we went to the pool to cool off, after waiting at least 30 minutes to swim after eating. That is what they say right?!? :)

You can see my shopping trip to Save Mart and the live lobster tank by reading my Google+ story. 

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