Monday, June 10, 2013

A trip to our local Fire Station!

With the warm weather in full swing around here we are spending more and more time outside and the boys are riding their bikes and scooters anytime they can. Honestly Jayden had an ill-fitting helmet and Liam didn't even have one, mind you he was always on a three wheel trike, but with him wanting to ride bikes with his brother I knew they needed proper helmets. Through Jayden's Elementary school I found out that our local fire department comes to the Elementary schools to fit and give any student in need a helmet for free. All of the helmets are donated by the firefighters so any donations are welcome. Since both of the boys needed new helmets we made our own trip to our local fire station so they could each get fitted for a helmet by a real life firefighter!!

 Liam getting fitted for his very own super cool red helmet!

 Look Mom it fits!!

 Jayden's turn, he had a lot of questions for the firefighter :)

 They even got some cool stickers and a lesson on always wearing your helmet.

A perfect fit for both! Having the firefighter tell them how important it is to wear a helmet was great, they have been seriously on top of the helmet wearing because a "real life firefighter" told them to!!!
Check with your local fire station and see if they offer something like this available, it was a great experience the boys are still talking about.

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