Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

The waiter says to me, have you ever ordered the Godiva Cheesecake before? I say No, he replies its super rich and chocolaty, well I say thats exactly why we want it, then he says your little guy is going to be bouncing off the walls. I smile and say thats what we want to order. Thanks waiter who more than likely was not old enough to have children for your advise, we are celebrating a birthday, my kid wants chocolate I dont care if he gets messy or bounces off the walls, hes 3 and wants a treat!
 LOL ok so its a not so Wordless Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

What are birthdays for if not overindulgence. Happy a birthday kiddo!

L Howard said...

I know right, let the kids have fun! It was my husbands bday. :)

Betty Roberts said...

I hate when people who don't have children comment. One time I was out with hubby and the kids at a nice restaurant for lunch and the waitress asked me if I was their mother or if they were his children ....excuse you...... Happy Birthday to your husband!

L Howard said...

lol thanks for the bday wishes! Yeah ppl can say the oddest things about children! Common curtosity seems to slip ppls minds lol

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