Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Then and Now of laundry basket fun!

Then: 1989 - Laura, David Jr and me (Sam).

Now: 2013 - JJ, Liam and Ashley

This afternoon my Mom and I were going through a box of pictures from when my sister Laura and I were kids. There are so many great ones of Laura and I along with our other siblings, so many occasions, vacations, pool parties, and candid moments in life. I love them all but the top picture stood out to me today. When I saw it I was reminded of my how fun childhood can be and of a few pictures I had taken of my own children recently doing the same thing!

Right after Christmas time my kids discovered the greatness of playing in a laundry basket. I put the basket on the floor and the second I did they were all in it, pulling each other around, pushing it, and just hanging out in it. The excitement level was high, and they must have forgotten that two seconds before that they were all fighting!

I loved capturing them and the excitement they had over the basket. I loved it mostly because they were excited to be playing together. Sometimes it feels like all they do is fight. Like I am the referee and they are all on different teams. Them against me. Most of the time there is no winner and someone always ends up crying.

So when I get these moments I am going to take them and remember that my Mom did what I am doing now. She did it with five children (yikes) and she did it with grace and pleasure. I am sure she too felt like the referee, but she too took those good moments and captured them on film. I hope to do the same so that one day, years from now, my children will be looking though old pictures with their children and see the "laundry basket" fun has been in our family for years.


Rambles of a SAHM said...

I love seeing my kids play together too! We have the same photos. Toys are fun but not as fun as a plain old laundry basket!

FrugalFamilyTree said...

Oh I am gonna cry! LOVE this post!!! Laundry baskets are so fun lol I love pics of us when we had side ponytails and crimped hair too lol oh the 80s! And the fashion is back I see neon and leg warmers all the time lol

Betty Roberts said...

Aaw cute pictures! I agree sometimes I feel like the referee ;)

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