Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jump Jump Around or Not

Oh the sweet smiles for the first two jumps

Have you ever seen in the mall those jumping rides with the harness and trampolines? Our mall has one and all Holiday Season my son said he wanted to go on it. I was a worry wart and never let him. I thought oh me might get scared, he might get hurt, all the things a mother might think. But it was my husband's birthday and we were at the mall buying video games. Our son asked pretty please with a cute big blue eyed held tilt and a smile. There was another child already jumping so we watched and I asked him are you sure you want to. He told me yes its fun he wants to. When it was his turn they wanted to weigh him first lol you must be 30 lbs apparently. He was smiling as the lady took him up on the trampoline and strapped him in. He jumped once then twice but then she turned on a machine that was lifting him a little higher to get a big jump and thats when he got scared. Oh the look on his face, he was sad, would not jump and just hung his head down then looked over to his Dad with a sad face.

I asked if he was scared he of course said yes and wanted down. The lady was nice and got him down and gave us our money back. When he got his shoes on he smiled at us and was no longer sad and ready to go. I asked him maybe we will try again another time and he said yes. I am so glad even though I knew my sweet boy might get scared that he tried. It did not work out but we will try again sometime. Maybe next time we can get in a few more bounces!

Scared and not wanting to bounce


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