Thursday, August 16, 2012

Football and Fun With SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis #SnickersMinis

With fall coming on soon, it's time to start thinking about all the things we love that the season brings. Gorgeous foliage, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more are just some of the things I look forward to at this time of the year. But there is something else pretty great too.

Can you say FOOTBALL??? My two sons and son-in-law are football fans to the max! Football has brought them fun, laughter, and friendship among the three of them, and I love that. Up here in Washington State we are devoted Seattle Seahawk fans. Many Sundays will find our family gathered around the TV watching the the games and rooting for our team. Win or lose, we love our Seahawks!

Like most other families, food, drinks, and the all important snacks are a big part of the day. So as soon as I heard that SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis were available at Walmart, I headed out to buy some.
SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis are mini candy bars in all the teams names. How fun is that? I knew the guys would love them, and so would the gals.
When I went to Walmart, I found out they hadn't arrived in my area yet. But that's okay because I don't mind the wait. I'm just excited for when they do come in so that I can make them a part of our football Sundays. Yeah, we love our snacks!!

When I was at Walmart I had to go check out what was new in the Seahawk merchandise that was for sale. When I come back to pick up my SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis (can't wait!!), I just might buy myself a Seahawk jersey this year. I have always wanted one, but just never bought one. But I think I will!!

My son-in-law loves watching every football related program on TV. He also loves snacking while he watches.  SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis are perfect for this of course! I can see I need to buy lots of them to get us through football season. While I'm not the huge fan that some of my family members are, I do really enjoy the game, and love that it gives us a reason to gather together and have family fun.

Though most of my family are die-hard Seattle Seahawk fans, my son-in-law is not. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and is a devoted 49ers fan through and through! When he married my daughter and moved up here to Washington State, he reluctantly left behind his beloved team.

So with him being a 49ers fan, it leads to lots of fun rivalry, team trashing, and laughter. The games are never boring when we all get together! The funny thing is his two sons are Seahawk fans. And that is just fine by him. Every Sunday they all put on their jerseys and root for their teams. Despite living up here for more than a decade, my son-in-law says he will forever remain a 49ers fan.

He also says that their new baby girl is going to be a 49ers fan with her Dad, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a little pink jersey hanging in her closet soon.

Can you see my littlest grandson likes his candy bars in both hands? So when craving something chocolaty and delicious during your football game, make sure you have plenty of SNICKERS Brand NFL Minis on hand. #SnickersMinis

They are also a great part of the fun for your guests to enjoy while you are having football parties and entertaining. You can also use them in creative recipes to bake with, and I'm going to whip up a big batch of brownies to eat during the first Seahawk game.
Can't wait!!

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Beth M said...

Love your little football team! Who can say no to a SNICKERS?!

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