Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tastier, Healthier, Faster Breakfast with Silk Fruit&Protein

I love to drink smoothies. Its an easy way to get vitamins and minerals I need on a daily basis. I like to add different fruits, juices and milks to make them vary. It is also a great way to my son to eat fruits and veggies he would not eat by itself. He can be picky but if I blend it up for him he thinks it a fun drink. 

Each day I make myself a smoothie for breakfast or lunch. My son has waffles and juice with a bowl of fruit. I have found that combination to be something he will consistently eat. I have been wanting him to get more protein by serving him yogurt with breakfast. Some days he will eat it other days he refuses. But each time I put it in a smoothie he will eat it. 

 I went shopping at our local Walmart for the new Silk Fruit&Protein and calculated the price of all the individual ingredients for a smoothie vs the price of the Silk and it turns out I save time and money with Silk!

Some days I am so busy I do not even have time to cut up the fruit and mix all the ingredients and just have a glass a juice. Those days I feel bad knowing we need more than just juice for breakfast. After trying the Silk Fruit&Protein I now have a quick and tasty alternative for busy mornings. Instead of having to prepare a smoothie with juice, fruit, milk and yogurt all I have to do is grab a glass and pour. How much easier could it be!

Today for breakfast I decided to not make a smoothie and just have Silk Fruit&Protein. My son still had his waffles but had Silk instead of his juice and fruit. I conducted a taste test with him to find his and my own favorite flavors.

The Strawberry Banana was my son's favorite. He had me fill up his cup with this one.

We both really liked Mixed Berry. It made him say Yummy!

He made a face with the Peach Mango but I knew he would not like it as much hes not a peach fan. But I LOVED it!

My son's favorite was just as I thought it would be, the Silk Fruit&Protein Strawberry Banana. I was surprised at my favorite, the Mango Peach. I have tried to make Peach smoothies in the past and it never turned out right. The Silk Fruit&Protein one was perfect. I will be enjoying this one more often!

All the items I buy to make home made smoothies

With Silk Fruit&Protein all I need is a glass! #SilkFruit

I was able to save time by replacing a bunch of items that I needed to put into a blender with buying Silk Fruit&Protein. Plus now when my son asks for juice I can give him Silk Fruit&Protein Strawberry Banana in place of a plain juice. This way he gets the fruit and protein he needs. Sounds awesome to me!

You can read my Google+ Story about my shopping trip to Walmart looking for the new Silk Fruit&Protein and see how my son loves to get a free cookie from the super nice bakery workers.

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East9thStreet said...

I wanted to try the mango but they were out of it at my store. Next time!

Admin said...

I am totally digging the chalk cups! Cute idea!!

Just Short said...

Your smoothie ingredients look delish!

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