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Smart & Final Three Stooges and Snack'rs Party #MoeSnackrs4UrMoney

Today we had a party! It was to celebrate the upcoming movie Three Stooges. As Stooge fans my family is very excited to see the new one in theaters. We shopped at our local Smart & Final to get Snack'rs brand snacks to create a recipe.  


I took with my son with me to shop. He is being helpful by holding the list for me. We found lots of great items made by Snack'rs and First Street to make our recipe. I am making Marshmallow Chocolate Dipped Pretzels for our Black and White Stooges Party.  We purchased 5 Snack'rs items for our party. I selected items for the recipe as well as a Original Snack Mix for guest to snack on while we waited on Pretzels.

For our Three Stooges Movie Party we selected a black and white theme. I decorated the kitchen and living room with balloons and streamers and request the guest to wear black and white.

 I placed all the ingredients I would need to create Marshmallow Chocolate Dipped Pretzels on the counter and set out a bowl of snack mix. I purchased Snack'rs Banana Chips, Roasted Almonds, Whole Fruits and Nuts and First Street Coconut for toppings.

 Marshmallow Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Recipe:

-16 oz. bag of First Street Marshmallows
-2 cups First Street Milk Chocolate Chips
-2 tablespoons First Street Butter
-24 oz. bag of Bavarian Snack'rs Pretzels
-2 tablespoons of First Street Milk (to thin out chocolate chips)

First Street Coconut Shredded
Snack'rs Roasted Almonds -chopped
Snack'rs Whole Fruits & Nuts - separated by item and chopped

 The first thing to do before melting the marshmallows and chocolate is to have the toppings ready. I chopped the whole almonds from the can of Snack'rs Roasted Almonds saving the other part of the can to be snacked on by guests. The bag of Whole Fruits and Nuts was perfect for the varying tastes of my guest. I separated the nuts and fruits into small piles and chopped them. We had cashews, pistachios, walnuts almonds and coconut to add as toppings on our pretzels. I set aside the whole dried apricots in the bag along with the banana chips to dip in the chocolate mixture.

The next step is to melt the 2 Cups of First Street chocolate chips. You can melt them in the microwave but we prefer to melt them on the stove top. To not burn the chocolate chips I added a small amount of water to a saute pan and placed the chocolate chips in a bowl. I simmered the water and stirred the chocolate chips until completely melted.

Next I melted the 16 oz. bag of First Street Marshmallows. I suggest melting them in a saute pan to be able to dip the pretzels in easier. (I was going to use the tall pot I use to make crispy treats but decide on the saute pan)

Set your burner to low so you do not brown the butter. Add 2 tablespoons of First Street butter to the pan and melt. Continue to have the setting on low and add the marshmallows. Slowly stir the marshmallows until completely melted.

Next we dipped the pretzels first in the Marshmallow allowing 5 minutes for them Marshmallow to cool on the Pretzel and then in the Chocolate. While the Chocolate is still warm place your selected toppings on the Marshmallow Chocolate Pretzels.

 I had some of the party guest help with the dipping and decorating of the pretzels. While other people were in the living room watching classic episodes of the Three Stooges. It was a sticky messy fun time!

 While the chocolate mixture was still warm I dipped Snack'rs Dried Apricots and Banana Chips for a fruity snack.

 Note: If your chocolate seems to thick add 2 tablespoons of First Street Milk to your chocolate on low heat and slowly mix together.

While the guest were enjoying drinks and Snack'rs Snacks I placed the Marshmallow Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Dipped Fruit in the fridge to set. I continued to make the rest of the Pretzel treats while everyone watched movies. At the suggestion of a few of the guest we tried drizzling the chocolate onto the pretzels too. We had a blast decorating them.

After sitting in the fridge for 15 minutes I took the treats out o serve them. Having the Snack'rs Original Smack Mix and the remainder of the bag of Snack'rs Whole Fruits and Nuts the guest were kept snacking while waiting on the main treat.

 One of the best things about the Stooges is how silly and physically comedic they are. My son thinks they are so funny. For our party I decided to give him his own Stooges moment having a whipped cream pie throwing!

We used First Street Whipped Cream to make the "pie". We wanted it to taste great and be funny!

 My son giggled as he was able to put a pie in his moms face! It was cute to see how funny he thought it was.

Next was my sons turn. He said Yummmmy when he had his Stooge moment. He was trying to eat the whipped cream from his face. We had fun taking turns throwing pies at one another and eating our sticky sweet Marshmallow Chocolate Dipped Pretzels.

To help celebrate the new Three Stooges Movie Smart and Final is helping you get Moe For Your Money #MoeSnackrs4UrMoney With the purchase of 2 participating Snack’rs items from Smart and Final, your receipt will have a special code on it so you can redeem for a FREE movie ticket! Great snacks and a free movie ticket sounds like a great deal! 

*This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. 
All opinions expressed in this shop are my own and your experience may vary. #Cbias #MoeSnackrs4UrMoney


Amy @ The Mom Hood said...

What a great idea to melt the marshmallows and put them on pretzels - I never would've thought of that! Love the pic of the pie in the face :)

Betty Roberts said...

those treats look yummy! ive never seen snakrs before?, @ the pie lol too cute!

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