Saturday, April 21, 2012

Help Kids Get Active With Odwalla Juice & Champions for Kids

I think that one of the most important things that children should be encouraged to do is to get physical exercise. Childhood obesity is a serious health risk for so many kids today and it is really up to us as a nation to do something about it.

So I was very honored and pleased to be participating in this month's Simple Service Project with Champions for Kids and Odwalla Juice.

This month's project is all about getting kids outside to play, run, be active and enjoy themselves and the outdoors. Odwalla Juice and smoothies add to an active lifestyle for kids and adults with their healthy and delicious drinks.

I went shopping at Walmart to find play equipment to donate to a charity that helps children. Balls, jump ropes, paddle ball games and more are all things that kids love to play with and helps them to be active. I also bought Odwalla Juice to donate. I love the company's Do-Good philosophy and love drinking their juice and smoothies too!

I told my neighbors that I was working with Champions for Kids and all about my service project. One of them generously gave me these three almost new bike helmets for kids. I know how important the helmets are to prevent head injuries, so I was thrilled to get them to donate.

Last month I also participated in a Simple Service Project and donated food and personal items to the Kingston Food Bank here in Washington State.

This is a wonderful organization that is directed by Barb Fulton and her staff of volunteers. Barb is a warm and gracious woman and an instant friend. I knew she would be able to help me find a place to take my donations. She said she would find me a couple of places but if they didn't work out, the food bank could always use the play equipment and juices.

This is when I remembered seeing how they donated much more than food to the community. They help with clothing, they help parents provide babies and children with things they need, and they provide for the community in every way that they can. I absolutely knew that this is where I would make my donation.

Here is Barb with my donation of play equipment and Odwalla Juice. Barb's parents started the food bank 55 years ago, and the community has been helped by it ever since. I am so happy that my donation will help the kids to have some fun and get healthier.

Thanks Champions For Kids and Odwalla Juice! Thanks also to Barb Fulton and the Kingston Food Bank for all the good you do. #OdwallaCFK

If you'd like to participate in a Simple Service Project, go to Champions for Kids for all the information
To learn more about Champions for Kids and how you can get involved in a Simple Service Project, visit their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can see my shopping trip to Walmart for kids sport activity supplies and Odwalla juice by reading my Google+ story.

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Unknown said...

I donated my sport equipment to a food shelf too! It is amazing how much stuff they have at the food shelf that isn't food!

Jen @ BigBinder said...

That's so cool that it is a 'family business', I have to think that's pretty rare! Oh the food bank people in my community totally have my heart too - it's so nice to see it happening everywhere. Plus, I am a freak about bike helmets and I love that it was part of your donation :)


Whoa, this is really inspiring! An organization that gives that was passed on from one generation to another? What a legacy to leave! You found a gem in them, and they found a gem when you decided to give to them. Wonderful work!

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