Friday, February 17, 2012

This is Why I Married a Chef

When I met my husband he was working in a restaurant but not as a chef. After sadly getting hurt on the job they switched him over to being a chef. He learned tons of recipes, prep cook stuff and eventually ended up working as a chef in a really nice restaurant. Well that has been awesome for me! He cooks dinner for me all the time.

The other night he made some of my favorites! Salmon (no sauce because he knows how I loathe sauces lol) Dill Garlic Potatoes ( lots of garlic even though he cant really have it ), Asparagus ( just a bit mushy since I like it even though he doesnt) and Garlic French Bread (extra crunchy!). It was so good! He is no longer a chef but he still has the skills and when I ask he will make me anything I wish and just the way I like it even if its just for me since I am a picky eater with how I like stuff made.

The other day he also made me fudge, it only lasts a few days lol.

For all the men out there woman LOVE it when you can make them an awesome meal that it to their tastes.

And that is why I married a chef!

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