Saturday, February 18, 2012

Caught........Chocolate Handed

Around my house there has been a lot of chocolate cake. I seem to bake like crazy when I have a lot on my mind. That and I also love chocolate anything! My son seems to have inherited my love for the treat. The other night there was a cake mess that my husband let our son eat a piece when I said none today, he told me the baby blue eyes asking for cake made him give in lol. This afternoon my son was being very quiet, always a sign of something naughty going on, he usually is talking, singing, babbling, or making sound effects while he plays so I knew for sure he was up to something. I peeked around the corner and saw that he had a huge piece of cake in his hand. I explained to him if he wants something he needs to ask mama and then sit in his chair to eat it. He of course said "Okay" like he has been saying to everything lately. He doesnt mean okay he just knows thats what he should say lol.

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