Thursday, February 16, 2012

Support Your Local Bookstore (and have fun doing it!)

Today was a great day to take my two grandsons to a place they really love visiting, our local bookstore. I really believe in spending my dollars here because I don't want to see all of the small, independent bookstores go out of business. Amazon and the other giants have their places, but my heart belongs to all the little bookshops that sometimes struggle to stay in business.

There is so much more than just books to read. Trains, games, puzzles and more!

Our local bookstore offers a great selection of children's books of all kinds and for all ages, from babies to teenagers. We bought all of our Harry Potter books here and they even had Harry Potter parties here at midnight, when the books were released. The staff is very patient and helpful, too. Don't worry, that's not a real skunk! It's one of the many cute puppets they have for sale.

I love encouraging the boys to look at books, even at this young age.

I very much appreciate this bookstore in my community. It's a gathering site for local book lovers. We have author readings, book club meetings, guest lectures and much more. This is the entrance to the children's section. I love how everything is so bright and cheerful. Please support your local bookstore. They need our business to stay in business. And reading is fun!!

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Ania said...

Hi! So cool to be your 999th follower :) I love shopping on Amazon but my family is all for supporting local businesses. I was sad to find out that many shops in our Old Town were closed lately...Ania, a frugal mom from NM.

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