Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Little Artist

My son has become a mini artist the last few months. Thanks to Nana and her present for my sons bday he has been painting and coloring to his delight. I love seeing the concentrated look on his face and him busy at work on his next master piece. He loves to mix the colors and make his own blackish brownish combo when he is done mixing. The bit of a neat freak that I am I find myself totally letting go of those types of habits as time goes on. I just let my son do what he wants with his paints and his drawings. Its funny how having kids makes you realize that messes happen and life will go on amongst the mess. 

I love hanging his creations on the fridge. This last set he made he makes me take them down at least twice a day to show me them to make sure that I see how wonderful they are. He asks me "You See Mama? Pretty!" I always tell him they are very pretty and mommy loves them. 

His latest creations! I proudly hang them on the fridge.

I have been taking pictures of the stuff he has made me in case any of them ever get messed up. I am sure my Mom had tons of art work from all us 5 kids. Now with digital cameras we can take pictures of anything! Film used to cost so much to develop. The other day I found an old roll of film that had not been developed. I have not had a film camera in many many moons lol. It makes me wonder what on earth is on it!!

Do you take pictures of your kids art? 
Do you picture it and toss it or keep it forever?


Betty Roberts said...

how cute!, i love that we can take pictures of their art work because with 3 kids i cant save everything that they color paint or draw but i do keep the special ones i still have our thanksgiving turkeys we made on my fridge :)

Nana said...

You should send me some of his art when you all are done admiring it! I would love to hang some of my grandson's art on my fridge too!

L Howard said...

I so will Mom! xoxoxox

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