Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Cat Little Kitty and Meet the Planets by Sylan Dell Publishng Book Review

My son has adored cats since he was only a few months old. I thought this was odd since I am more of a dog person. Plus we have a dog and I am allergic to cats but he insists that cats are cool. I like to get him movies and books about cats to make him happy without having to go into a sneeze fit.

As he has gotten older he has started to realize there is a difference between kitty cats and big cats. We have flash cards and he is starting to catch on to things like Kitty Cats say Meow and Lions say Roaarrr. The book Big Cat Little Kitty has been a perfect learning tool for the comparison of big cats and little cats. Its a cute book that is wonderfully illustrated with comparisons like a jaguar living in the jungle to a kitty who lives near a pond. Its really cute. If you have a cat admirer in your family or want to teach more about animals that are wild and domesticated this is a great book for that.

From the Publisher's site:

Big cats are fierce predators that roam the world from the mountains to the deserts. How are these wild cats that hunt for their food the same as pet cats that might chase a mouse or ball of yarn? How are they different? The award-winning prequel to this book, One Wolf Howls, introduces children to counting and the months of the year as they watch the seasons changing. This sequel introduces children to the days of the week as they travel to seven different world habitats to meet the big cats, and then back home to compare and contrast the domestic cat’s behavior to that of its relative.

We are space fans on our house. Before my son was born we would watch Star Trek and other fun sci-fi shows. Now that I am a mama I seem to be watching more space cartoons that sci-fi lol. Which is fine by me! We read the book Meet the Planets to learn more about the solar system. My son likes to say Moon so thats what he called all the planets in the book. It is a cute book that introduces each of the planets like they are in a fashion contest. It gives facts about them in a creative way. The illustrations are great and very colorful. I learned a few things myself that I did not know. Plus the back pages of the book included interactive question and learning tools to teach more about the Planets.

From the Publisher's website:

Soar into the Solar System to witness the first Favorite Planet Competition, emceed by none other than the former-ninth planet, now known as dwarf planet Pluto. The readers become the judges after the sun can’t pick a favorite and the meteors leave for a shower. Who will the lucky winning planet be? Could it be speedy-messenger Mercury, light-on-his-feet Saturn, or smoking-hot Venus? Readers learn all about each planet as Pluto announces them with short, tongue-in-cheek facts. Children will spend hours searching the art for all the references to famous scientists and people of history, space technology, constellations, art, and classic literature.

 Sylvan Dell Publishing makes many great books to learn from and are filled with great illustrations. I like that each book has a section in the back to further discuss and learn what was in the book. For now my son enjoys the stories and pictures but as he gets older we will be able to teach him more using the included learning resources. Their books are ones we will have for many years. You can look at the other great books they have to purchase on their website Sylvan Dell Publishing.

* I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was sent a free copy of this book for my review by the publisher/PR company. The opinions are 100% mine and may vary from others.

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Thanks for the great review...Glad you enjoyed the book....John McGranaghan

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