Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flash Card Fun

I love mom blogs for many reasons. One of them is the great products I get to learn about that I had no clue were out there. I like to enter giveaways too. I have won some cool stuff over the last few years. When my son was just a infant I won a set of A Modern Eden Alphabet Flash Cards. I thought they were so cute and colorful and planned on framing some of them. Well flash forward two years later and they have been sitting in the closet lol. The last week I have been using them with my son and to my delight and his he has mastered many words. He knew the sounds the animals make since his mother (me) is a silly one and we make animal noises all the time.

He now knows the name and the sound the animal makes of a Cat, Dog, Cow, Chicken, Fish, Pig, Sheep, Monkey, Duck (that was a tricky one can sound other wise lol) Elephant (hes a bit off but hes so close, has the noise down perfect!) Bird and Giraffe of course! He also is so very close to sounding out his own name. He calls himself baby and tells people thats who he is. Its cute but he does need to know his own name. That my goal for the next couple weeks is to help him be able to say his own name clearly and consistently. I know many kids can talk a mile a minute at his age but I have tried to let him develop it on his own but its just so darn cute to hear his little voice. Plus oh my I am tired of playing baby charades to figure out what he means or needs lol.


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Aileen said...

They do have beautiful stuff. Gotta remember this site for baby showers.

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