Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old Navy Jeans Review for CrowdTap Style Council

As a member of the Old Navy Style Council on Crowd Tap I get to hear about all the greatest trends in Old Navy fashion. I LOVE Old Navy, seriously its one of my favorite clothing stores. When I go there often times I am wearing something I already purchased there. I might be a dork for doing so but a lot of my clothing is from there. They always have some sort of sale going and the kids clothes are adorable. I could make a huge list of all the stuff we have from there, but I won't bore you!

Recently I had the chance to review the Old Navy Jeans. I was surprised by the selection of styles this year. I tried on over 5 styles before I found the ones that are so comfy they don't feel like you are wearing them. I selected the Sweet Heart Boot-Cut Classic Rise Stretch Jeans for my review.

I liked that they were a comfy fit but had flare at the bottom to balance out my body type. Being that I am a sweet heart I thought the name of the jeans were perfect. I tried on some Diva style jeans and funny enough they weren't for me and neither is my personality. I even got a comment from my hubby about how nice they looked on me, hes an honest man if I looked silly in them he would let me know lol. Jeans can be hit or miss for me sometimes they fit great in the legs but saggy on the rear end part. Other times too tight from top to bottom. I hate the jeans that are snug on my ankles, makes me look funny! This style Sweet Heart Boot-Cut is perfect for me.

They stayed true to size after I washed them and no fading of the color, thankfully I read the washing instructions now. I have ruined many clothing items by not reading the label.

Nice fit no saggy rear look!

I had an addition coupon to share with another fellow Old Navy shopper. I had fun picking who I wanted to share with in the store. I am a good listener so while I was gathering my jeans to try on I over heard a mom and her daughter discussing how the daughter needed good jeans for college. I know how expensive college is so I thought she would be perfect to share the coupon with. They were stunned and excited that I was willing to share a free pair of jeans with them. She ended up being able to get the two different styles she liked for school. Hopefully she will get her degree and be a genius all thanks to having an awesome pair of jeans! Maybe not but I will think that!

I like the boot cut since it looks nicer with the shoes I have.

At Old Navy stores jeans for the whole family are on Sale. Yippy! You can look online for the many styles they carry in the Jeans Look Book.

* I was not paid for this post. As a CrowdTap member on the Old Navy Style Council I was given a coupon for a free pair of jeans and one to share. If you would like to be a Crowd Tap member you can sign up here.

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