Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Bright Colorful Dishwasher

For the first 7 years of my marriage we lived in a duplex that had no dishwasher. Daily I would by hand wash all the dishes we used for the day. It annoyed me to no end! It got to the point where I did not have anything but white plates and bowls, silver ware and stainless steel cook ware. It was fine for me, keep it simple.

The house we live in now we moved in when I was 5 months pregnant and thankfully has a dishwasher. But the house before it did not. I was pregnant, in the Cali summer in a house with only a window air conditioner. I hated it! I was so mad at dishes I said I would never do another dish again. After we moved of course it was so easy to load my plain and simple stuff into the machine and forget about it.

Tonight as I loaded the dishwasher, that I super thankful for, I had a moment that brought me to happy tears. I still have my plain dishes and sliver ware but among all of it was my sons dishes. The bright, colorful, tiny dishes and cups were too sweet for words. His dishes are just like him whimsical, cheerful and full of happiness. I felt lucky in that moment to be his Mama. My son has done to my life what his dishes do to my dishwasher, brighten and fill things up with a colorful joy.

Its the simple little realizations like this one that make me cry knowing I am his Mama.


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