Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Trip to the Ocean

He had to bring his football. He looks mad in this pic from the cold wind.

We decided to take a road trip to San Francisco to let our son see the ocean. We did not plan it we just woke that morning and thought the summer is almost over and our sweet boy has not put his toes in the ocean water! We gather all the diaper bag supplies, packed our cooler and picnic basket and off we were.

If anyone would have said on a Summer Day in August on the beach in California I would be wearing pants, a sweatshirt and beanies I would have so no way! Well that is what happened. I had the sunny beach picnic plan in my head but the classic San Francisco fog had other plans.

Chasing Sea Gulls

Thankfully I have a mini bag in the car for such things! Pants, hats and sweatshirts were in there, except no pants for my hubby the man was shivering in shorts! The wind howled with fierceness, there were no swimmers or wave jumpers but lots of people huddled on blankets and going for a walk.

We made the best of our day, we still had our picnic, sand in our sandwiches was no fun but we still smiled ear to ear being able to share the moment of our son seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

He did not have the waves tickle his toes like I thought he would but there is time for that the next trip. He did have a blast chasing birds and them chasing him when he had food in his hands. He even got to pet the sweetest rescue dog a Chihuahua that he tried to pick up. The owner was nice enough to let him pet the dog, but only after we asked nicely. As a dog owner myself I appreciate it when someone asks first. Not only for politeness but for safety.

He Loves Dogs!

My son gathered sticks, shells, rocks and at one point seaweed to his hearts content. He wanted to literally run into the ocean. He made me nervous with how boldly he tried to run to the water and waves. He was determined to see what it was. Thankfully I am swift as a hawk and he did not get too close and did get mad at me for doing so. But he had a great time. He ran so fast in the sand its as if he was a born beach bunny! He gets that from my side of the family. We are Pacific Ocean lovers!

After we all had red noses, wind whipped hair and sand covered feet we headed to the car to go see the sites in San Francisco. My son fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for about 30 minutes in his stroller before we woke him up to enjoy the sights around him. We had a wonderful day and I always say every time we leave, even though its cheesy, I have left my heart in San Francisco!

Exhausted from running on the beach


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