Thursday, July 14, 2016

Enjoy A Delicious Cup Of Morning Coffee With International Delight Simply Pure Coffee Creamer

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I'm definitely a morning person, and so glad I am. I love getting an early start to my day and feeling like I have plenty of time to accomplish what I need to do, and enjoy a little quiet time for myself before the rest of my family wakes up.

I start every morning with a big cup of coffee. I honestly feel like my brain can't function without that first cup. For years I used milk and sugar in my coffee, which was totally fine. But kind of boring.

I'm happy to say that now I get to enjoy a really great tasting cup of coffee because I recently found International Delight Simply Pure Coffee Creamers.

They come in three delicious flavors, Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut. Simply Pure is the perfect everyday creamer, and made with only 5 simple ingredients.

Besides my coffee, another thing that is important to me in the early morning is to look at my vision board. A lot of my friends and family keep saying that they would like to make one, but just never get around to it. I feel like it's definitely worth the time to make one because mine have inspired me to work hard to make my dreams become reality.

I love making vision boards for whatever you want to have happen in your life, whether it's a new job, a new home, or even something like being more in touch with your own feelings.

When I'm fully awake and onto my second cup of coffee, I usually have a little something to eat, sometimes fruit or toast, or even a slice of one of my favorite coffee cakes that I like baking.

Since everyone in my family are coffee lovers, I bought all three flavors of Simply Pure Coffee Creamers at Walmart. Honestly, all of the flavors are yummy, but the Caramel just might be my favorite.

I like that when you use Simply Pure, you don't have to use extra creamer to get great flavor in your coffee. And it's made with real milk, cream, and sugar. Yum!

Have you ever made a vision board? It's super easy, and fun to do.

Start out with some of your favorite magazines, they can be old or new. I like to go to my local library to buy them for only a quarter. The magazines can be of general interest, or more of a theme, like mine are.

Since what I would love to have is a new home, I picked out decorating magazines to cut out pictures and words that have meaning for me.

You just need magazines, a poster board, a glue stick, and scissors. And the ability to let your imagination come out and play.

Just start out cutting pictures that you like or that appeal to you. I had fun finding pictures of pretty rooms and houses. And words like Cottage, Vintage, and Family really spoke to me.

When you have found enough pictures and words, start arranging them on the poster in whatever way looks most appealing to you.

Now glue everything down. Don't worry if things are a little messy, or it's not perfect. Your vision board is only for you, to inspire you and help you dream your dreams.

This is my finished vision board. I was a little surprised that I picked out the picture of the yellow kitchen cabinets because I really thought I only liked white cabinets.

And my board is a little more country-like that I thought it would be. I must like informal country decorating more than I thought. And that's one of the great things about doing a vision board is to bring out your inner thoughts and desires that you normally might not pay much attention to.

If you're like me and love a delicious tasting cup of coffee to get your morning started, Simply Pure Coffee Creamers are for you.

And they're great too for that afternoon cup of coffee that can give a real pickup when the day is long and tiring. For me, coffee is something I always welcome no matter what time of day it is.

Be sure to look for all three flavors of International Delight Simply Pure Coffee Creamers at your local Walmart in the dairy section.

You can also find more Simply Pure inspiration by going here.

Have you ever created a vision board? What would you make your theme or idea for it be? I'd really love to know, so leave me a comment please.

-Post written by Patricia


Emily Stephens said...

This is such a great idea! I made a vision board years ago - I should make another one soon! #client

YiaYia's All Sugared Up! said...

cake shop/ bakery or food truck and a 2nd one for a house

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