Saturday, April 9, 2016

Frugal Finds and Why I Love Thrift Shops

Everyone who knows me knows that I love fresh flowers. They make me happy, and I really get a lot of pleasure from seeing them on my desk or the dining room table. I never spend much money on them either, I buy them from the grocery store or farmers market at a low price.

Being frugal doesn't mean going without or not being able to enjoy the things you like in life, it just means you look for the things you want at a reduced price. And you can actually make the hunt fun and challenging, especially if you like shopping, which I love.

This vase was only $2.99 and I consider it one of my best scores ever. I'm a big fan of blue and white, so this is a classic piece that I can see keeping pretty much forever. It came from Goodwill on a day that pink tags were half off.

That is one of the things I really like about Goodwill, everyday offers some kind of savings. It can be half off, or 30 or 40%, or senior citizens day. Just go to your local Goodwill website for a list of savings days.

My granddaughter Ashley is a shopper too, and we have found tons of cute name brand clothes for her at a fraction of the price in department stores. Kids grow so quickly that it's a little silly to pay a lot of money for clothes that they outgrow in six months.

Maybe you're already a thrift store shopper and you completely understand why I love thrift shopping. And if you're not, give it a try.

There's no shame about buying, wearing, and using thrifted items. I'll never forget seeing an acquaintance of mine, a very well off and chic women, going into the dressing room at Goodwill with an armful of clothing to try on. Even rich people want a bargain!!

Of course, Goodwill isn't the only place to shop for deals. There's lots of places to seek out in your own cities and neighborhoods. I like small shops that are run by local charities that benefit directly from it's sales.

Here in the Seattle area, we have a store that benefits Seattle Children's Hospital that I love supporting because of all the good works it does for kids.

And don't forget about donating too, if there are things around your house you don't need, donations help so much, creating jobs and raising money for a good cause.

Happy thrifting!!


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