Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Plans 6 Months of Saving Means More Fun #shop

Being the person in my home that earns the income for all of us I have learned to take saving money much more seriously. I now realize that every dollar adds up. When it is something like a monthly bill the savings over a year can be amazing if you can find a lower price. We are now in the sixth month of having our Cheap Wireless Plan from the Walmart Family Mobile.

We have been able to save the money we are not spending on a more expensive plan to do fun activities. For our wedding anniversary we were able to afford to a night filled with fun for our whole family. Normally we find reasons that we cannot afford a night out but when you are saving money in one area it feels great to be able to splurge a little for a special occasion.

We went out to a nice steak house for dinner. We order the good stuff! I am normally a frugal woman but it was a celebration and we were using money we had saved.

Then we went to a movie and played some video games in the arcade. Being able to happily spend money that we normally would have had to pay a bill with makes it an even more exciting time. My son loved all the fun activities we were enjoying. The BEST part of the whole celebration was being able to give him his new red tricycle as a present!

Not only is the price my reasoning for keeping the Walmart Lowest Price Unlimited Plan but the quality of service. I still am under contract on my iPhone so I have no choice to keep my phone but my husband has the Walmart Family Mobile that is powered by T-Mobile and has better service. We have mini competitions of who can get a webpage faster and his phone always wins! We will be in a store and I cannot get a webpage and he can get it within moments. We will be texting and I send mine with the bar going across the screen telling me its sending where as his sends instantly. I never would have imagined that Walmart would have such a great service for a cell phone. The quality is of the provider and the low price is because of Walmart. I am still waiting for when I can get out of my other plan to save even more each month. We can even manage our Walmart Family Mobile account and pay online with the click of a button. #FamilyMobileSaves

I look forward to the next 6 months of savings to see what fun things we are able to do and what the next surprise present for our son will be from the savings on our Walmart Unlimited Plans. You can see the sweet moments that my husband shares with me while I work using his Walmart wireless phone plan by reading my other post. #cbias


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It's great to have that saved money to use for other things in life! Thanks for posting about this campaign! #client

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