Monday, September 16, 2013

Walmart Family Mobile Still Keeping Us Connected and Saving Money #shop

My family is everything to me, my reason I work so hard, my reason I smile each day when I wake up. Having to work and be away from them can be daunting at times but staying connect to them with the Best Wireless from Walmart Family Mobile makes my days brighter.

Having a mobile phone for everyone in the family is a norm these days, we were the oddballs that shared a phone until we discovered Walmart Family Mobile and the cheap wireless plan offered. We thought there would be no way to afford two phone plans since my current phone under a contract cost about $75 a month. Never did I think back last December to go to Walmart for a phone and plan. I wish I had since I am now stuck in a contract! For my husband we have the best Unlimited Plans I could ask for. I tell everyone we know about the Walmart Family Mobile I am still amazed by the price difference 5 months after discovering the Walmart Family Plan. #FamilyMobileSaves

At first we thought we would try out the service see how it goes since its not a contract you can cancel anytime. I loved that part, not being stuck in a contract. We have loved the service we get, how easy it is to pay your bill online and the price per month. Walmart Family Mobile is powered by T-Mobile so it has vast coverage for its wireless coverage.

I can go on forever about how much I love that my husband has a smart phone we can afford to keep us connected through out the day while I work. Not only do I miss my son all day but my husband is my best friend, I miss him too and we text all day long while I work. I get to know what they are doing, my husband asks my opinion on things so I feel like I have an input in their day while I am not home.

Trips to get fun food while Mom works since we have a little extra money from the Cheap Wireless Plan

A new hat thanks to saving money on our mobile plan!

The pictures my husband takes for me every day make my heart soar. I will be having a rough day then I go check my phone and there is a sweet or funny picture on my phone showing me what they are doing. I work different hours each day so they are having to adjust to whatever the day brings. Sometimes they go on mini adventures. My husband makes sure to text me pictures as they do so I feel included.

Train rides and candy while I work, seeing the pics made me a happy Mom!

I find it funny too that my husband said he did not need a phone, he has a camera already why would he need a phone one and he is not much of a texting kinda guy, well that has all changed! He even uses his phone to take photos that we would normally use a big bulky camera for.

Now there are even more options with the Walmart Family Plan. You can opt to not have the Web service on your phone and have talk and text for only $29.88, this would be perfect for a way to keep in touch with your kids or parents.

Adding a line with the unlimited plan is an option we are going to do as soon as my contract is up with the expensive phone we have. I count the days till my contract is up so we can save even more money than we do now.

Another feature from Walmart Family Mobile that you can buy in packs is ringtones, games and international calling. I know many people have family in Mexico or overseas for military that would save money from the Walmart plans. Walmart even offers a lifeline discount for low income families to have a phone. Having a cell these days is important not only for safety but for work and family connections. Walmart carries many Smart Phones that you can have your plan hooked up to and can even switch your current phone to a Walmart plan.

This picture sums up why I will not ever go without Walmart Family Mobile Plan. My son was wanting to wait up for me to get off work to see me before he went to bed. He was in his new pjs that he insisted must be blue with an animal on it, sleeping with his best friend giraffe, on his monkey pillow pet he got for his birthday and he fell asleep waiting for me. My husband texted me this picture as I waited for the store to close and me to be able to leave. I teared up that I missed him and that my husband was sweet enough to send it. Its the little moments a family member can miss without a loved one taking the time and having a smart phone to send a picture. #cbias


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