Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quick Family Meals with Kraft Recipe Makers Meal Kit #KraftRecipeMakers #shop

Before I was working full time I enjoyed spending time cooking, cleaning and even folding laundry. My son would hang out playing or watch a movie while I took care of household stuff. Now as a full time working Mom I realize that its ok to have the house a bit messy and unfolded laundry. I no longer need a meal to take 2 hours to make it to feel like its a luxurious meal. Now every moment I have not at work I want it to be spent with my son. I love seeing his little sweet face when I get home from work. He always has a million things to tell me and show me about his day. For dinner I want to be able to have quick family meals that I can make and feel like I have made a quality dinner without it taking time away from being with them. I often seek out new products that are meal kits to save time on cooking. I am headed to Walmart to find a new product Kraft Recipe Makers for our pool party we are planning.

We are planning to have a little party for our family and friends at our complex pool. Our families have been taking turns cooking dinner for each other and I wanted to serve some good food for everyone on my day off of work but not take all day to do it. Since we are serving Tex Mex Chicken fajita flavors I planned the menu around a Mexican inspired theme. Living in California we have access to a lot of great Mexican food and there is a wide variety of items available at our local Walmart on the Hispanic aisle. I found some great items to add to our party to make the dinner simple and delicious. 

The Kraft Recipe Makers comes with two sauces. One to simmer the meat and veggies in and the other to finish the meal. The Tex Mex meal kit has easy to follow step by step instructions. So easy! I omitted the rice in the steps for my fajitas since I plan to serve white rice with cilantro and lime as a side dish.

I cut up the chicken breast and added the Lime Fajita simmer sauce in a saute pan. I like that I can make the whole meal in one pan. Makes it a simple clean up after dinner.

Once the chicken was cooked I added the veggies and the rest of the simmer sauce to the pan. 

Once the vegetables have cooked and absorbed the flavors of the simmer sauce I added the second sauce of Chipotle Tomato to finish the dish. I made the cilantro lime rice, cut up the cantaloupe, packed up the chips, drinks, cookies and headed down to the pool to have our party. 

The Kraft Recipe Makers Tex Mex was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed the flavors of the chicken and vegetables. I served the chicken and veggies in a hard shell taco and soft tortillas so our guest could enjoy the flavor with different textures. Guest even had seconds and the kids loved it. It was the perfect flavor combo for our outdoor fiesta! We spent the rest of the night eating the cookies, playing darts pool side and watching the meteor shower that was happening that night. A perfect day with family and friends with little time spent in the kitchen to make a great meal. I will be buying the other flavors to serve next time its our turn to cook. One neighbor said she makes an excellent chow mein noodle dish that I could pair with the Kraft Recipe Makers Sweet and Sour Chicken. #KraftRecipeMakers

You can see my shopping trip at Walmart to find Kraft Recipe Makers in my Google+ story and connect with Kraft Foods on Facebook.


Andrea Kruse said...

Mmm... I love hard taco shells. Something about that crunch. Yes, family is so much more important than a few folded towels.

Unknown said...

Dinner looks so yummy!! I am always in favor of products to make cooking easier but still delicious. Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Great idea for your pool party! I love the Tex Mex flavor so I'm going to have to give this a try!

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