Friday, July 12, 2013

I got a new 'do.

I was in desperate need of a hair makeover.....

I was starting to feel like all I ever did was put my hair up in a ponytail, which is 90% true. Good enough for me I thought. After all I am a mom of three small children and what do they care if I NEVER style my hair right? Wrong. After seeing countless pictures of myself with my hair in the same old ponytail I decided I needed a new 'do! So I went to the salon and told her I wanted it to be different and dramatic and easy for a busy mama! And this is what we came up with! In true disclosure I have actually had this haircut before, a long time ago, in my early motherhood years. It was never this short or this sassy but it is now and I love it! So simple to manage, wash and style.

I also honestly think that most anyone can pull of this style if they really wanted to. So go ahead, try it, I dare you ;)


D Martinez said...

I will think about your dare. It looks great on you.

Betty Roberts said...

Love it! I had the same cut in highschool

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