Monday, June 3, 2013

Update On Our Walmart Family Mobile Plan #FamilyMobileSaves

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From the first day I gave my husband his new phone and we had a pizza party at the park my husband has loved his phone. I quote him as saying "This phone is awesome" "My phone is way better than yours" and "My camera takes better pictures". I must admit its sadly true! Good for him yes, I just thought I was the cool one with the iPhone lol.

Just the money he is saving monthly on his cheap wireless plan is worth me switching my phone to the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, not to mention the clarity on his camera and the bigger screen. I am so use to the way my iPhone works I did have a bit of trouble using his phone but our son was using it very easily. My son likes the new phone a little better since he does not always want to hit the home button like on my iPhone. My iPhone the home button is big and it tempts my son to click it and he loses the game he was playing. The Samsung Galaxy phone has touch buttons for the home button which even I like better.

I love that my husband has had his own phone this last month. So many things they have done together while I am at work I have been able to see through him texting me photos. I love checking my phone and seeing my son's sweet little face smiling as he does something fun for the day. They attended a Kids Event across the street from my work that was a one day event that I did not want my son to miss out on because I was working and he got his face painted, made a necklace and I was able to see it all through the pictures that were taken. We do have a really nice camera to take photos but as any parent knows getting out a big camera and turning it on in time for a moment to capture is not an easy task with kids. The camera and video features are a reason in itself for him to have a phone. With the low monthly bill its a no brainer for him to keep it going.

I even got to see pictures of my son swimming at the pool while I was working. I get to be in the a/c all day at work so I do not realize how hot it gets outside. My son loves to cool off in the pool, hang out with other kids and practice his swimming skills.

Even a fun afternoon playing at Chuck E Cheese I get to be a part of when I am not there. I LOVE that! My husband even has my son call me to say Hi or tell me what he is doing for the day. I feel so much more connected to them while I am at work. Now that we have the affordable Walmart Family Mobile there is no way we would ever not have him his own phone. For my husband as a stay at home Dad he loves the phone for not only for keeping in touch with me but being able to Google stuff to find places to go, local stores and even sales ads or coupons ( I have taught him well in the savings area!)

The clarity of the camera is great! This was a cool rooster we saw at the County Fair that my husband used his phone to take a picture. We were both taking pictures of the same things that day to compare and most of the time his pictures were better. A few times my iPhone did take a better motion picture when our son was jumping or running.

We can manage our Family Mobile account online and pay the bill online so we do not have to go in store or mail a bill, super simple! My husband now knows as a stay at home Dad the easier something is the better! I find it funny that it took us so long to finally have two phones to feel more connected during my work days but then I realized it was because before we could not afford two phones on the plan and contract I have. As soon as my contract runs out I will add my phone to my husbands plan and we can pay the same price for two phones as I do my one phone!

You can read my Google+ story about how we found the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.



Heather Hernandez said...

So happy you found an affordable plan that works for your family! Great photos!

Unknown said...

I know just what you mean! I was able to stay home with my first, my daughter, and I cherished every moment. By the time my son was born, I was back to work, with my husband and I working opposite shifts. Even having your own special time together, you just don't want to miss anything! I'm so glad the Family Mobile plan is working well for you and glad you'll be able to stay connected with those text and photos :) Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

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