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Staying Connected with Walmart Family Mobile Plan #FamilyMobileSaves

*This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed in this story are my own.

Being a working Mom is a tough job. You want to be at home with the kids but you also have a responsibility to be at work. It can be emotionally roller-coaster at times to be missing out on things your kids are doing and at the same time a joy of knowing your providing for them. I am lucky enough to have my husband be the one to take care of our son. It has been six months of my husband being a Stay at Home Dad and I could not be more proud of how awesome he is at it.

Since starting work I have been taking the family mobile phone with me to work. We have thought a second phone was outside of our budget. On my days off I have been doing some research looking at Cheap Wireless Plans for Family Mobile online. I want my husband to have a phone for anytime he needs it and to also keep connected with me.

I miss my husband and son like crazy each time I work. I wonder what they are doing, if they are having a good day or what silly things has my son done. I wanted them to have a phone that we can text on, send pictures and be able to use the web to email me if they wanted to.

I have an iPhone for my phone on a contract, bad idea getting a contract but I did not do any research before jumping into the decision. Now that I have had time to look around I realized I could be paying much less for two phones than I do for the one phone I have now.

Samsung Galaxy and iPhone comparison

My husband wanted a phone that had a big enough screen for my son and him to play games on and was easy to use. We like the Samsung Galaxy line since the screen is big, the phone is thin and the buttons are touch ones that are easy to use. Compared to my iPhone the size difference is easy to see.

After reading online about the Walmart Mobile Family Plan I knew that was the solution for us to have two phones. The first phone is only $40 a month with Unlimited talk, text and web. We purchased an activation card at Walmart for $25 to set up our monthly service. You can use your own phone or buy a phone at Walmart. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up the phone! For my iPhone it took over an hour to run my credit, get all my info and set up the phone to work. With the Wamart plan I activated it and was calling from it within 15 minutes. So easy!! I pay twice that a month for my iPhone. As soon as my contract is up I will be adding my phone to my husbands Family Mobile Walmart plan.  I can manage my monthly bill online and pay it over the internet so I do not have to hassle with a bill or pay station at the My Family Mobile site.

To celebrate my husband's 6 month anniversary of being a Stay at Home Dad we decided to have a pizza and popsicle party at the park on my day off. Now that my husband has a phone he can keep me connected to them all day with texts and pictures of them. I can have a little more piece of mind knowing they have a phone anytime they need it and I can call them anytime I miss them.

Pizza Party at the park

Taking photos of themselves at the park. I love the cute pics they have taken.

Being able to see pictures of the funny things my son does, the messy things and even just him taking a nap while I am working will make the day much easier being away from him. A text saying "Hi we love you" makes my day go by so much faster. 

My husband has download a bunch of games for him and our son to play on the phone as well as handy organizing and reminder apps. My son has been having a blast playing Angry Birds, now we know why his cousins love the game so much! For only $40 a month we have made life easier and me happier. Whats better than a happy Mom right?!?! 

You can read my Google+ story on how we shopped at Walmart to make our decision on purchasing a Family Mobile Plan. 

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Walmart Family Mobile.  #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #SocialFabric All opinions in this post are my own.


Unknown said...

I completely understand what you mean! My family is always on the go, and rarely in the same direction. Have smart phones is such a great way to stay in touch, to share special moments and certainly for safety! We have both those models in house and I really love the ease of using the Galaxy phone, myself! What we do not have, however, is an affordable monthly bill! Thanks so much for sharing your comparisons and how much savings there is to be had!!

Unknown said...

This is such a great opportunity to have a phone for your family. Love this post and the cute pics!!

Laura Jacobson said...

Oh you know, I have seem commercials for this...but was always a bit hesitant! Thanks for the GREAT review! Sounds so easy to set up....and so much cheaper! I am going to have to check it out! Would save us tons of money too!

L Howard said...

So easy!! I was surprised how simple it is.

L Howard said...

Smartphones are so nice with texting pictures and staying connected.

L Howard said...

I was surprised on how much I would save annually by having both phones on the Walmart Family Plan.

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