Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Tea Party with Bigelow Tea #AmericasTea

My Mother's Day gift basket full of Bigelow Tea items.

For Mother’s Day as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I had a Tea Party on the patio with my son enjoying Bigelow Tea. I created a drink recipe with Blueberry Bigelow Tea and blueberry lemonade.

Tea parties are not just for girls! My son and I love to have tea parties together. If its just water and the make believe type of tea party or a real party with tea and cookies I love the time we spend together. For Mother's Day we decided to have a real tea party on the patio among our growing plants. First we went to Walmart to buy all the items we needed for our party. We bought lots of Bigelow Tea, sweet treats, tea drinking items and lots of presents for me for Mother's Day.

I have read about the Bigelow Half Tea Half Lemonade drink and decided I wanted to make my own homemade version. I purchased Blueberry tea and a blueberry lemonade to make a delicious Blueberry Tea Lemonade drink to enjoy at our tea party.

I gently brewed 3 blueberry tea bags into a half gallon of water and added half the container of blueberry lemonade once the tea cooled. Soooooo good! 

For our main tea drink for our tea party my son selected Orange tea. I added a few slices of oranges to the tea for added flavor. My son ate a few slices before they made it to the tea pitcher, I love that about cooking with him, he will try all the ingredients like a true chef would :)

Now that I have my Mother's Day gift basket filled with Bigelow tea I can replace my winter teas with more light spring and summer teas in the tea drawer. I do always have to have Apple Cider tea all year long. Its delicious! Not only does Bigelow tea taste great I select this brand since they are a company that practices being green to protect the environment and has a land preservation program that saves valuable land from development. Bigelow Tea also achieved a Zero Waste company status. I was excited to see that, this means only 10% of there production items make it to the landfill. Other items are recycled or composted. I love the idea of that!  Also Bigelow tea bags are not bleached like some other brands. Overall I like that Bigelow Tea is a company that cares! 

My son and I have made Orange tea to serve with lemon cookies and chocolate covered dried fruit and the blueberry tea lemonade. My son could not wait for me to take a picture to try the blueberry drink. He placed a crazy straw in and drank half of it so quick! He loves it and so do I. 

Now that we have all our tea party items made we headed to the patio to enjoy it. We recently moved from a house to a condo. Our house had a huge backyard with many garden beds. We have made created great memories gardening and wanted to still enjoy it while living in a temporary situation. He even picked out a strawberry plant as a Mother's Day gift for me. Our garden right now may be small but we still have so much fun spending time planting and harvesting, its priceless. 

I asked my son which of his stuffed animals did he want to join our tea party and he told me this is just a Mommy and Baby tea party. Too cute! 

I love spending anytime I can with my son. I work full time outside the home and did not realize how precious each second we spend together really is. Doing things like having a Mother's Day tea party creates memories and bonding time with my son that is precious to me. After we enjoyed our tea and cookies we sat together on the couch to watch a professional bull riding competition and then Tiger Woods play golf. It was a wonderful way to spend the day with my son. 

You can read my Google+ story about our shopping trip to Walmart to find Bigelow Tea

Connect with Bigelow Tea online at their Facebook page and Twitter account. 



Betty Roberts said...

hope all of you had a great mothers day! looks like a relaxing time. My favorite is the bigelow half lemonade and half tea pomegranate flavor. Ill have to try the blueberry!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rambles of a SAHM said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day! I love Bigelow Tea. Have you tried the Perfect Peach? It's my favorite!

Unknown said...

I love this sweet post! It looks like a wonderful tea party for both of you!

Home Cooking Memories said...

That blueberry tea and blueberry lemonade sounds so good! I really love how you had a tea party with him, he's such a sweetheart.

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