Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Fun: College Basketball Championship Games #KettleMadness

We have become huge sports fans in the last few years since we have had our son. We did not realize the fun we were missing out on! Each season there is a new sport to follow and my son loves them all.  We watch the professional level and college sports. It is exciting to watch college level since you can root for the schools you love and see up and coming players.

Since basketball season started this year we have been watching games on tv and watching Basketball themed movies with our son in preparation of the Spring College Basketball Tournament. We have been watching Air Bud over and over! I love to see how excited he gets when a team makes a basket and cheers when the game is over.  This year we have decided to throw a family party to watch my son's favorite team play in the yearly College Basketball Championship games.

My son has picked his favorite team to be the Louisville Cardinals since they look like the Angry Birds. When he told me he likes the Red Angry Bird team it made me giggle, I told him its a Cardinal but of course he insisted it was Angry Birds. We decided that Louisville would be our team this year and we followed along as they have been playing the Championship Basketball Tournament. So far they have been doing great!

For any good party its all about the food. We wanted easy to eat food so we could watch the game while we ate. My first thought was chips and dip, who doesn't love to dunk a chip while watching basketball. Kettle Chips are perfect for a game snack, they have so many flavors and aren't messy like some brittle chips. Plus not only do they taste great the Kettle Brand chips are made with natural ingredients for flavor and color. We headed to Walmart to get Kettle Chips, drinks, dips, hamburger items and party supplies.

My son loves burgers. He would eat them daily if I let him. For our College Basketball party I decided to make a special hamburger for us all to enjoy. I crushed up the Jalapeno Kettle Chips into tiny pieces to add into the hamburger while it cooked. When the burgers were done cooking I topped them with more Jalapeno chips and cheese. They turned out delicious! Everyone loved them and my son ate two whole hamburgers and asked for more. (He went into the fridge while we were watching the game and took a burger that was intended for my mother in law!)

We wanted my son to be able to practice shooting baskets anytime he wanted so we purchased a basketball set that has two hoops and a scoreboard. Before getting him the hoop he would have me hold my arms like a basket and many of times I was hit in the face with the ball as the backboard. My son loved being able to play basketball as we watched the College Basketball Championship Games. When his team Cardinals "Angry Birds" would score a big play he would cheer then run over to his hoop and shoot a basket. He has become really good at his ability to score a basket throwing it the correct way.

We set up the chips like a tasting bar with the flavors in separate containers to enjoy all the flavors. We all tried different ones and each had a favorite. My son loves the Backyard BBQ one, I love the Salt & Vinegar, my husband and his friend the Jalapeno and my mother in law the Krinkle Cut. I like the crispy crunch of Kettle Brand chips and when you open a bag of Kettle Brand Potato Chips, you know you’re getting real chips made with real ingredients by real people.

In the fourth quarter I brought out the Red & Yellow Sugar Cookies I made during the game to celebrate that our team was winning. We all had a wonderful time cheering for our team and watching them win. They will be moving onto the next round of the College Basketball Tournament and we will be watching the game on April 6th to see them win again!

Next time you have a College Basketball party be sure to include Kettle Brand Chips for great flavor and natural ingredients. I have a coupon for you to use as well for Kettle Brand chips. Its located on my side bar on the blog for you to save $1 on one bag. Happy College Basketball Tournament season to you and GO Cardinals "Angry Birds"!

To connect more with Kettle Brand chips on Facebook and Twitter. You can read my Google+ story  to see our fun shopping trip to Walmart for our College Basketball party to get ideas for your own party.

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Rambles of a SAHM said...

We are almost out! I need to go get more Kettle Chips! Looks like a great party. :)

Nana said...

Looks like fun, and I love Kettle Chips too!!

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

Those burgers sound delicious!

Violet said...

Looked so good!! Great post :)

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