Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don't Let a Greedy Grinch Ruin Your Holidays

Over the years I have heard many stories of greedy Grinch trying to steal someones Christmas. It makes me so sad! Well we can all thwart the Grinch with being aware of our own home security. We all get busy in the rush of holiday shopping, friends and family visiting and taking road trips. A few simple but often forgettable things can help decrease your odds of Grinch deciding your home will be his next target.

Remembering to lock doors and windows before you go out shopping, even if its for a quick trip to the store. Leaving a light on while your out to let it appear someone is there. Turn off your Christmas tree lights and be sure to close the blinds. Open blinds letting your Christmas tree be seen is beautiful but also a lure to a greedy Grinch. 

Leaving the porch light on is another small but sometimes forgettable thing that can help keep your home less of a target. Having motion activated exterior lights is also a good idea. If you are planning to go on a trip have your neighbors gather your mail and newspaper. Don't forget to lock the doors that lead to your home from the garage. I often have forgotten that one myself. A garage can be easier to get into and if your home door is lock often the Grinch can't get further than your garage. 

In the delight of the Holiday season just be sure to be take a few extra steps to make sure you have a bit more home security.

Here is a cute article about how Santa can perhaps be the slickest break in artist of them all! (but we don't mind him, he leaves presents in exchange for cookies and milk!)

Santa Claus: Holiday's Biggest Ho-Ho-Home Security Threat

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