Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paper? Bows? Tape? Scissors? Check!

When wrapping gifts this year, embrace the look of fabric! More ideas:
Picture via Better Homes and Gardens

Christmas will be here in just a few days!!! Are you ready for it? We are almost ready...

I don't know about you but tomorrow I will be locking myself in the bedroom where I will be spending the morning wrapping gifts.With coffee in hand, I will be as busy as a bee!

Growing up my Santa didn't wrap gifts, they were out for display, each of us children able to see our gifts but not touch them until everyone was awake. We sat and stared at them dying to open the package. I loved our Christmas mornings.

Growing up my husband's Santa wrapped all of the gifts. They unwrapped each gift with anticipation not knowing what treasure was inside. They waited and wondered if they had been naughty or nice. He loved his Christmas mornings.

After much deliberation and because I tend to win on most parenting decisions, I let him have this one. 

Our Santa wraps all of the presents for our children. We have done it since our oldest celebrated his first Christmas six years ago. I am happy we started this tradition and it is carrying on through the years. 

How about you? Does your Santa wrap or not?

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Betty Roberts said...

We do he same thing! So I'm going to be up late tonight wrapping everything! I usually don't get to sleep until 3 am

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