Sunday, November 11, 2012

Healthy On The Go Meals with Kidfresh

Since I have started working full time and my schedule is never the same it seems we are always having meals at odd times and not always together as a family. As all moms do I worry that my son is not eating right. Not being home to prepare him meals I wonder through out the day if he is eating the right foods to keep him healthy.

I wanted to find ways to be able to eat as a family during a work shift. We started looking for healthy on the go meals as an option. I recently read about Kidfresh meals that are in the frozen section at my local Safeway. I have tried frozen meals before with my son but they were full of sugar or sodium and I did not like that.

Kidfresh Meals are healthy and easy to prepare meals that can be enjoyed on the go.They are all natural with hidden veggies. I felt like this was the product for my son. He can be a picky eater like I was when I was a kid. Not being home as much I also worry that he will find ways not to eat his veggies without me making sure he does. The hidden veggie idea is brilliant! I purchased 3 of the 4 varieties. I bought the Mac + Cheese, Rainbow Rice + Chicken and the Spaghetti Loops Bolognese. They have the Cheesy Quesadillas but I make those all the time at home for my son. The other three I knew my son would enjoy and it would save time not having to prepare a meal. He loves the Spaghetti Loops Bolognese. I like that it contains carrots, celery and sweet potatoes! How awesome is that, all that vitamin A I know he needs. Plus Kidfresh contains no artificial flavors, colors and no preservatives.

Since we do not all have the chance to eat meals together we do our best to meet up for lunch or dinner at a near by park where I work. We sometimes grab fast food but that can be unhealthy and costly for just junk food. We have been looking for a way to have our son eat right when we are on the go. He enjoyed the Spaghetti Loops Bolognese at the park one afternoon and when I told him there was sweet potatoes in it (thankfully he loves those) he wanted to look at the box. He cant read just yet but he sure did check out that box. I like to think that me starting to be a label reader will rub off on him.

Another time we met for lunch my son had the Rainbow Rice + Chicken. It smelled wonderful, it looked just like when I get fried rice dishes on my lunches but this was a healthy version just for him. When I tried to take a bite to see how it tasted he told me that it was his not for Mom. He does not care for peas but he ate them all in this dish. I love that we can meet up for lunch and I can know that my son is having a healthy meal that we get to enjoy eating together on the go.I can ease my mind more at work that he has had at least one good meal for the day! My husband warmed up the food, put it back in the box, placed it in a bag and brought it with him to meet me. Easy peasy and good for our little guy.

You can read about my shopping trip to Safeway for Kidfresh Meals in my Google+ story.

Learn more about Kidfresh Frozen Meals by being a fan on Facebook and following on Twitter. Dont forget your $1.00 off coupon available on Facebook for Kidfresh meals. (I did forget mine on the table! I will be saving it for next weeks shopping trip to Safeway)
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Brandie said...

What a great idea meeting at the park near your work for some family time. Love how he's checking out that Kidfresh box!

Nana said...

Love these pics, and the healthy meals!!

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