Friday, November 2, 2012

Do you get your Daily Candy?

Pretty Parlor
Picture from Daily Candy Seattle for Pretty Parlor

Do you subscribe to Daily Candy and there deals? What is Daily Candy Deals you ask? Daily Candy is a site that will send you emails on great deals in your local area or any area you choose, it is so simple and easy to sign up. They partner with local businesses to offer a limited number of unique deals for you to buy and use. They may introduce you to a cool new store, designers, restaurants, and great things happening around town. Things you might love but never would have found on your own! You can look by category and here are a few: Home, Style and Beauty, Out & About, Kids, $25 and under, Last Chance and more. There is a time limit on each deal so you have to snatch it up if it is something you really want!! 

Just wanted to give you a little in site to what I am subscribing to these days. I love a great deal on great things!


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Nana said...

I love Daily Candy, everyone should have some lol.

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