Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baseball Pictures

~by Laura

With all the excitement of our favorite team winning the World Series of Baseball, the SF Giants we decide to go have some pictures take of my son in his baseball jammies. Of course I am a dork and forgot his SF hat but the pics did turn out super cute. We will get his pictures taken again for his 3rd birthday later in the month and I will buy a new hat if I have to. My son loves baseball, its in his DNA to do so!

The photographer was in training and I told her my son was perfect for a training session. He is wild, silly and does not hold still for long. She did a good job, a few pointers from me were to not be bashful, to pose the kid or get down on the floor and show the kid what your asking if they dont get it. I was a childrens photographer too so I know kids can be so fun to photograph.

We call this pic the "I lost the game" pose lol. He was upset I would not let him swing that bat all crazy like he does with the kid bat at home. This was a real wooden bat and I thought for sure he would knock out the photographer lol.

This one was cute, his action pose!! Next time I will bring his glove and hat for even more cute pics. Its hard to believe he will be 3 later in the month. He looks so grown up in these pictures. Hes a toddler not a baby anymore and that is really rough for me. Why does it feel like it was only a few months ago he was a tiny newborn drinking a baba?



Betty Roberts said...

How cute I love the action pose!

Nana said...

Love these pictures, so cute!!

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