Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crafting with Martha!

~ By Sam ~
I love crafts, with or without the kids. It is fun to do them with the kids, but sometimes I need a grown up craft to make me feel "crafty." When I am looking for crafting ideas I like to turn to Martha Stewart. My Mom adores Martha and says she knew her way back when. Because my Mom has so much admiration for Martha Stewart, I do too. Her projects are relatively simple and always classic. I found this Bat Mobile from the Indoor Halloween Decorations page and knew it was the one for me to make this season. I love simple, black and I love things I can find for free, like the tree branch that the bats are dangling from.

Bat Mobile
Here is the original from Martha's site. 

And here is my attempt at making the "Bat Mobile"-

 I found a stick off of one of our trees outside and sprayed it with black spray paint.

While the spray paint dried, I printed out the bat template provided and got some black post board out. Card stock can be expensive so I just got a piece of black poster board at 2 for a $1.00 and cut it into pieces. 

Then I cut out the template, traced them by folding the paper in half. She gives you half of the bat so that you can trace it and both sides be equal. 

Last I got my dry branch, fishing string, and hole punch. I didn't punch it all the way through the paper, just punctured it a bit so I could slide the fishing string in. I hung the bats up randomly and at different lengths.

Here is my finished product! I hung it high enough over the sliding glass door to the deck so that the children couldn't reach it. It was late by the end of the day when I got it finished so there is a shadow from the light. But I think that makes it look a little spooky!



Unknown said...

What a cute idea! It's very "Martha", and it looks wonderful!

Betty Roberts said...

Love it! I'm doing the pumpkin and cat hangings from her site, and the mice silhouettes, I love her ideas

Wendy ArtsyChaos said...

Hey, that really looks awesome!

Sam said...

Thanks it was super easy!

Sam said...

Oh pumpkin and cats, nice. I saw the mice and if I wasn't afraid of the real deal I might make them ;)

Sam said...

Thanks it was so easy and fun and did not involve the kids wink wink :)

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