Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things that are making me smile and things that are not

~ By Sam ~

Things that are making me smile:

*This from Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte Mix Trader Joe's. So good you should try it!

*Every time JJ asks me if I could text someone. JJ: Mom can you text Uncle D to ask him about the Seahawks? JJ: Mom can you text Auntie Meg to see when she is coming over? JJ: Mom can you text Dad to tell him I was good today? JJ: Mom can you text my new friend for a play date? The list goes on and on and for some reason I get a kick out of it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am not that old (33 years young thank you) but in my day there was no texting and cell phones, we used landlines and payphones. It is so bizarre to hear my 5 year old ask me to text someone!!

Things that are making me not:

*My 2 year old Liam has had a nasty cold for going on a week now. It is not down and out sick, but enough to drive me mad and keep him home from preschool for 2 days and he only goes 2 days a week! Took him to the doctors on Momday just to make sure he didn't have an underlying ear infection only to have her say it was just a cold. A lingering cold but just a cold. So glad I took him to make sure but could have saved the trip to the doctor if he would just feel better. Poor guy. And poor me cause he is kind of whiny and having a hard time sleeping, therefor I am having a hard time sleeping.

The fact that I feel like I have so many unfinished projects I could just scream! Too much on my plate to do things 100% drives me crazy. This week I will prioritize better. Stop hoping to find time to finish it someday and Just Do It. 

The fact that my DVR either did not record, lost the recording or someone stopped the recording of last weeks Greys Anatomy! I NEED to know, did they air a new episode last week?!?! 



Betty Roberts said...

That chai tea looks yummy. I can relate I kept my kindergartener home from school 2 days this week because of a cold and now I have two other littles ones with a cold.

Sam said...

So hard when they get everyone else's like it is a never ending battle! lol

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