Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toddler Perspective

My son has had his picture taken since the second he was born. I think its possible I have a million pictures of him! Digital is free right?!? So I take pictures of him all the time, everywhere we go. I have hard drives full of his pictures that I love to look at.

For the last few weeks my son has been asking me to take pictures of him. He will pose or grab something to hold and show me. But this week he has asked if he could take a picture. He told me my turn, then put his little hands together in a plea of Please! How can I resists those big blue eyes when he says Pllleasssse!

So I turned on the camera for him and he knew exactly where the shutter button was! I was surprised how easily he could take photos. He is only 2 years old! I have let him snap one of two photos then take the camera away in fear he will chuck it like a baseball. Today he went to the closet where I keep the camera and said he needed to take some pictures. This made me laugh since he did not ask but inform me of his need to use my camera. I said what do you say, his little "please mama" was all it took for me to hand it to him.

This is his first photo shoot of my very messy office:

His cute feet as he tried to take a pic of his BFF Giraffe

His new ball and his fav blue blankie he has slept with every night since he was born

this made me laugh he turned it around to capture himself like I do with he and I

His monkey pillow pet  we won on a blog before I was a blogger

Loved this one! His snack he was having

This one is called Mama Puter Work (my laptop on my desk)

This made me laugh he said oh no Mama ate my chips. I had my own pretzels but what is mine is always his. lol

Funny that he took a pic of my Huggies Rewards points I set aside to enter

Him being so VERY mad I took the camera back. He is saying NOOOOOO! 

Do I have the next famous photographer, cinematographer or a epic blogger? Only time will tell. I took my first pictures in 3rd grade on a field trip to an aquarium my mom let me take our 35mm camera and film was expensive to develop. Thanks Mom for letting me take photos! 

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Nana said...

This is such a great idea! I love seeing his view on things, and you might have a serious future photographer there!! I love it!!!

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