Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Foam Peanuts and Painting

I love that having a kid is a chance to be a kid again myself. The last time I painted just to have fun was my first time at college many moons ago! I forgot how fun it was to just be in a moment of creativity and make a mess! I always think of the Simpson's cartoon episode where Lisa goes to Summer Camp and the song "Artist Make Art" its a silly grown up song but when my husband saw the mess we were making, I told him were artists making art, it gets messy!

I see cute ideas all over the internet about using different items around the house to use instead of paint brushes. I always seem to have a ton of packing peanuts in the closets so we took some out and used them as paint stampers. Its was fun to see my son look at me like really we can use these! I tend to be a you paint with a paint brush kind of person in my adult years but I dont want that for my son I want him to think outside the box!! Next we will be using veggies and other random items we find to paint with. 

What fun items do you use for painting?



Unknown said...

What a great idea, and looks like so much fun!!

L Howard said...

I want to use Bell Peppers too :)

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